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YWAM Gap Year

Mature Your Faith, Character, and Passion on a 6 or 11 Month Christian Gap Year


A Gap Year With YWAM?

There are only a few times in your life that you can put your studies or career on hold and grow as a person and gain God’s perspective on your life. Press pause on college or working and come do missions based gap year with YWAM. Don’t miss out in getting wrapped up in God’s incredible plan for your life and getting involved in reaching the lost with His love. Travel the world and be transformed as you are immersed in other cultures.

6 month gap year program

A Gap Year With Us Could Save You Time and Money

College is Expensive If You Dont Use The Degree

You know someone who has college debt for a degree they did not complete or a major they aren’t sure is the career path they want. You know someone who applied for college out of pressure from their school, friends or family. 

Up to half of students who enter college are undeclared in their major and 75 percent of students will change their major at least once before graduation (1). Instead of going to lectures of courses you are unsure whether you actually want to learn from, pay for books you don’t want to read, or rack up debt that you will need to pay back. Why not do a YWAM Gap Year and narrow what you love to do instead of starting a degree on assumptions or due to peer pressure?

christian gap year
YWAM Gap Year

Discover Your Authentic Passions

Going to college/university can be a helpful tool in preparing for a career, but what if you want to:

  • Grow in maturity 
  • Have more life experience & develop useful skills 
  • Travel & adventure 
  • Find purpose & experience what you think your passions are

In a Gap Year you will be discipled, develop your passions, and learn that there is purpose for your life.

Don’t lose time you can’t take back by studying courses you didn’t need or want to take, spending money on textbooks that you will never need. Instead of learning more book knowledge that you might never use again (except the odd trivia night), give yourself opportunity to try something different. 

Don’t settle for what everyone else is doing. Be strategic.


People Acquire Useful Skills


People Find Purpose For Their Lives


People Increase Their Maturity


People Increase "Readiness" For College/Career

Are You Ready For College?

Take a quiz to see if a Gap Year is a good idea for you

First: Grow

with Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Start your Gap Year with Discipleship Training School which is a life-changing five-month program that builds a solid foundation of personal growth and relationship with Jesus. It starts with three-months of biblical teaching, real-life application, and ongoing discipleship, all geared towards helping you know God better. Then you’ll take your growing love for Jesus and share it with others on an two-month overseas mission trip.

Whether you’re passionate about sports, music, or simply knowing Jesus, we have a DTS that’s perfect for you:

Second: Be Equipped

in the School of Ministry Development (SOMD)

Once you complete DTS, you have the option of making your christian gap year eleven-months by returning for our School of Ministry Development (SOMD) . The SOMD is a follow-up to DTS and is fully loaded with practical tools for ministry and growth in leadership ability. It’s a hands-on course designed to help you discover God’s call on your life and equip you for your future.

Like the DTS, the SOMD includes a three-month classroom phase and a two-month outreach, this time with an additional emphasis on leadership.

Start Dates and Cost For Gap Year



  • Start to Finish Dates of School
  • Outreach Locations:
  • Programs Available:


$3390 Tuition

  • Start to Finish Dates of School September 20, 2020 - February 27, 2021
  • Outreach Locations: Contact To Find Out
  • Programs Available: Discipleship Training School + School Of Ministry Development


$3390 Tuition

  • Start to Finish Dates of School January 03, 2021 - May 29, 2021
  • Outreach Locations: Contact To Find Out
  • Programs Available: Discipleship Training School


$3390 Tuition

  • Start to Finish Dates of School March 28, 2021 - August 21, 2021
  • Outreach Locations: Contact To Find Out
  • Programs Available: Discipleship Training School + School Of Ministry Development

Heading Back To College?

We Will Try To Work With Your Schedule!

Most colleges allow you to defer your admittance with little issue. Depending on when you are planning to head back to college, we will see how we can make our YWAM gap year fit into your schedule.


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