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DTS Electives

We have an array of different DTS electives for you to choose from to further your passion in music, sports, art, and culture. We think we have something for you and would love to see you further your gifts for the kingdom of God.

What Is A DTS Elective?

An elective is an opportunity during your DTS to focus on the things that interest you most and where you can use your skills/gifts/passions to serve God. It is something that is added on to your regular DTS schedule and will focus on teachings and practical application alongside an experienced staff in your chosen area of interest.

Each DTS elective is run during certain times of the year and each have an extra cost associated with it.

Cultural Encounter


You’ll learn the basics of engaging with other cultures and religions, seek the heart of God for the nations He’s made, examine the call to global missions that’s woven throughout the whole Bible and how to contextualize the Gospel to be able to share it anywhere. We’ll unpack all that with one another over some tasty meals and delicious espresso. We’ll also learn how hospitality opens doors for the gospel and explore cross-cultural cuisine as we minister overseas.

Music & Worship


You will learn in a deeper way what it looks like to use your Musical gifting from a place knowing your Identity in christ. Through your elective you will be given tools to grow in your specific area of musicianship through class, workshops, and mentors. Some of the possible workshops include; Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, and Drums. 

You will have the chance to grow as a worship leader. Learning how to lead a team well spiritually and musically. There will teachings on things like; building a set list and how to run a worship rehearsal. 



Our God is a Creator, and our God-given creativity reflects him to the world around us. Discover God’s heart for you as an artist and learn how to display his beauty in a broken world.

The Create Elective is for visual artists of any skill level who want to grow in their craft as they grow in knowing Jesus.

This elective adds an emphasis on using what we create to worship God, reveal his heart, and express yourself to him and others. You’ll develop skill and grow in confidence as you learn how your artistic ability can further the kingdom.



Use your passion for basketball to reach our neighbors and the nations. If you’re an athlete at any level and you want to invest your gifts in God’s kingdom, the Basketball Elective is for you. Allow God to increase your influence through your passion as you follow Him.


The basketball elective will enable you to connect with people on and off the court through the game you love.


We’ll play pickup games around the city, run skill camps, host tournaments, and see God use what happens on the court to open doors for the Gospel.



The volleyball elective connects your passion for the sport with your passion to share Jesus in every context. You will have the opportunity to play regular games while growing in your relationship to God, and then share the gospel through sports in courts around the city.


The volleyball elective will enable you to connect with people on and off the court through the game you love.


We’ll play games around the city and see God use volleyball to open doors for us to share the Gospel.


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