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Course Overview



Each week we’ll bring in speakers who have experience in ministry and in walking with the Lord. They’ll teach us on a foundational aspect of following Jesus. Our class times are interactive and challenging, focusing on real-life application. Our goal is for the truth to sink deep into our hearts, changing us from the inside out.

Topics Include:

  • Intimacy with Jesus
  • How to Hear God's Voice
  • God-Honoring Relationships
  • Becoming More Like Jesus
  • Knowing and Trusting God's Character
  • How to Share the Gospel
  • Effective Prayer
  • How to Study and Understand the Bible
  • Healing from Past Hurts
  • Knowing Who You Are in Christ
  • Spiritual Warfare
YWAM Lecture Phase

Worship and Prayer

Regular times of gathering to worship Jesus are central to the rhythm of DTS. In addition, the whole YWAM Louisville family gathers on Wednesday mornings to worship and hear what God has to say to us. (First we drink coffee and hang out, because that’s important, too.) Our Friday morning worship gatherings include a time of prayer for a specific nation, need, or injustice.


Small Group

Accountability is crucial to your discipleship, so you’ll meet twice a week with four to seven people of your same gender. You’ll process what God’s doing, pray for one another, and spur each other on in living out what you’re learning. The YWAM staff who’s leading your small group will help you get all you can out of DTS, meeting with you one-on-one every week to listen, encourage, and pray for you.

Quiet Time

Time With Jesus

The time we set aside to spend with Jesus is the most valuable part of our day. We often call it “quiet time” but the reality is, God speaks to us and we speak to him! As we listen and respond to his Spirit and his Word, quiet time becomes the place where our growth is most personal.


Local Ministry

We love Louisville. We think you’ll love it, too. Each week we scatter throughout the city, building friendships and sharing Jesus through things like after-school mentoring, homeless ministry, service projects, and more. Not only is this a great way to bless our city, it’s key to helping you discover the unique ways God has shaped you for life-long impact.


Community Lifestyle

Most people describe YWAM Louisville as a family, and that’s exactly what God has called us to be: we’re not just on mission, we’re on mission together. And if you’re like most DTS students, you’ll forge life-long friendships here.

Here’s how that plays out: we work together – everyone helps out with things like cleaning, yard work, or meal preparation. We play together in our free time, whether it’s throwing a frisbee, exploring the city, playing a card game, or chatting over coffee. We live together family-style in a few different homes (guys and girls are separate). And we grow together, surrounded by people with the same passion to know God and make him known.


Overseas Outreach!

This is the part you’ve been waiting for! After twelve weeks of experiencing God’s heart in an entirely new way, you’ll be itching to get out and do something for him. The eight-week mission trip portion of DTS continues the impact on your own life as God draws you out of your comfort zone and works through you to bring his love to others.

You’ll start with a ten-day trip here in the United States, where you and your team will visit churches and local ministries, serving alongside them and inviting people to get involved in the Great Commission. Then you’ll fly to a nation that is desperate to know Jesus.

Once there, your team will engage in a full range of ministry opportunities. You’ll get your hands dirty with practical projects like digging a well, building a home, or preparing breakfast for a homeless family. You’ll get a better look at God’s big, beautiful family as you minister alongside local believers. Best of all, you may be the first person to share the hope of Jesus with the people you meet!

And of course there will be interesting food to eat, brand new sights to see, and the adventure of exploring a culture entirely different from your own. Most people agree: DTS outreach is eye opening and life altering.

You’re probably wondering, “Where will my outreach team be heading?” We prayerfully handpick international locations for each DTS, so we might not have them set in stone yet. In the meantime, check out these stories from YWAM outreach teams to see what yours may be like:


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North Africa


South Africa

YWAM Vietnam

Southeast Asia

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South Asia