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Our YWAM internship is perfect for mature young adults who want a lengthier mission trip that challenges their potential and develops their ministry gifts. For several weeks, you’ll serve alongside experienced YWAM missionaries as we host youth mission teams in Louisville and Nicaragua.

Leadership Training

First, you’ll join Encounter, a teaching and discipleship experience that gives you a taste of what our full-fledged training schools are like. During Encounter, you’ll take part in a special leadership track, learning valuable principles that will help you lead and minister like Jesus. You’ll also participate in a small group led by one of our YWAM staff.

Ministry Role

Following Encounter, you’ll join our staff team in hosting youth groups from around the United States who are coming to Louisville for their summer mission trip. You’ll not only participate with them in ministry, you’ll also help make their experience unforgettable by encouraging them, leading out in team activities, and serving behind the scenes to make the logistics of their trip possible. For the rest of the outreach you will head from Louisville to Nicaragua, where you’ll serve in the same way, hosting teams on their international mission trip.

Our summer internship is a great opportunity to put leadership training into practice. It’s also really hard work. Leading like Jesus means serving, first and foremost. But we’re confident that it will be worth it. Apply online, download an application, or contact us and we’ll be happy to mail you a paper application.

Space is limited. For more information about our internship program please contact us.

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