Application Next Steps

In order to complete your application, there are five steps remaining.

  1. Please download and complete the supplemental questions. Your answers will help us get to know you, so please be thoughtful and thorough. Once you’re done, you can either email the form to [email protected] or print it out and mail it to us.
  2. Download the health form; complete it, sign it, and mail/email it to our office.
  3. Before we can process your application, we must receive three references: one from your pastor; one from a parent*; and one from an employer, teacher, or mentor. (SOMD or BSN applicants: please include a reference from your most recent YWAM leader.) Please download this reference form and give it to your three references to be mailed to our office or emailed to [email protected].
  4. Please pay a non-refundable application fee of $35. (If the starting date of DTS is less than 15 days away, the fee is $45.) You can pay online right now or send a check to our office.
  5. Please email a recent photo of only you to [email protected] if you did not submit one with the application.

We'll be in touch with you soon about your application. Our phone number is 502-423-0339 so expect a call from us. Feel free to contact us at that number or email [email protected] with any questions.

Our mailing address is Youth With A Mission, PO Box 22185, Louisville, KY 40252.
Make checks out to "YWAM" and put your name and the school you're applying for in the memo.

*A reference from your parent or guardian is helpful even if you are an adult or your parent/guardian is not a Christian. We occasionally allow exceptions, so please feel free to contact our office if you feel you have a reason not to provide a parent/guardian reference.

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