Twenty-Twelve: Part 1

    The next few blogs will be collaborations of some of our favorite testimonies! Twenty-twelve is coming to a close. Before beginning the next year, we want to first reflect on the wonderful things God has already done during the past year. This year has held a countless multitude of stories of God’s faithfulness and goodness. SOUTH AFRICA […]

A Black Friday Miracle

It was the first night of our Thanksgiving outreach, and there they were: a group of young people staying up late for Black Friday outside Wal-Mart. But they didn’t leave with a TV or a single Christmas present. @raquelpinto3 @towersmith Giving out free (and very tasty) coffee to whomever might want it, blessed a lot […]

At the Gala

What a blessing to serve alongside a ministry that is making a real difference in the lives of these women! Our Discipleship Training School, along with several YWAM Louisville staff, served at the annual fundraising gala for Scarlet Hope, a local ministry that reaches out to women in the adult entertainment industry. We waited tables, poured drinks, parked cars, and washed […]


Successful leadership starts with submission to God. Our SOMD students have given themselves wholeheartedly to the leadership of the Lord. They chose to face every challenge, and the Lord was quick to be their strength, peace, wisdom, and rest – as He always is. Below is the SOMD graduation slideshow. It’s a good way to […]

Meet the Staff: Kelly

We’re happy to introduce you to our newest staff member, Kelly. She’s such a responsible and compassionate person, and we’re blessed to have her with us. She always brings her best efforts to the table. Here are some fun and interesting facts about her: What is your role with YWAM Louisville? […]

From the Ground Up…

“Go therefore, and make disciples of all the nations…” Matt 28:19 Matthew 28:19 is about more than going – it’s about investing; totally pouring yourself out to others! Discipleship starts from the ground, up. God is always faithful to make it count… and He has! Our SOMD team in Germany has been hard at work. […]

Adoption Enclosed

“…to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive adoption…” – Gal 4:5 “What brought you here to Thailand?” Art was a  young man who had lived by himself for almost four years. At 13, his parents had bought him a condo and told him to learn to take care of himself.  As […]

“Yunca, it means flower.”

The Central Asian souvenir shop had every trinket you could think of, and reasonably priced, too. But our favorite thing about it was the owner, an older woman who had been running the shop with her husband for 22 years. Her English wasn’t great, but her smile and sweet spirit were contagious. We wanted to […]