Is Jesus Worth It?

Is Jesus worth it? This is a question we face on a regular basis in our christian culture today. If you were raised in church, the answer to this question may seem an obvious “yes,” but when we actually stop to think about it, does the meditation of our heart or the action of our […]

How God Spoke to A Muslim Man

“God does not speak to me.”  These are the words of a man a couple minutes before God gave him an image. We were at a Syrian refugee’s home and the man, Ahmed and his wife, Isha, were Muslims. I asked them if they thought God spoke to them. They said no, he does not […]

Our Five Favorite Foods from Across the World

There are many different cultures all across the world. We do things differently, speak different languages, have different holidays and celebrations… but no matter who you are or where you live, there seems to always be one thing that brings people together: food. I remember walking down the streets in India, people inviting us into […]

A Q&A About DTS with Adam

Q: What made you decide to do DTS? A: Jesus. I felt God calling me to YWAM and He used my pastor and different people to confirm it. I asked God if Louisville was the location He wanted me to go to, and I felt like He said yes. I had two friends from church […]

Hope Restored: Jon’s DTS Story

Before coming to DTS my friend and I had been walking across the country for 3 ½ years. We were sharing the gospel with people we ran into, relying on the Lord and His provision, and just trying to live similar to what we see in the Bible with Jesus’ ministry going town to town. […]