Promises, Freedom, and Hay-Colored Hair

During my DTS earlier this year, we were praying for our upcoming trip to India. As we prayed I felt like God was showing me a picture of a girl with hair the color of hay. I could tell that she was afraid, and I sensed from the Holy Spirit that she was from Poland. I figured that someday I would go to Poland and meet the girl with hay-colored hair…

“What should I share?”

As we prayed for our day, I felt like God was showing me a woman wearing a pink shirt. Then as we approached the village, I saw a woman walking towards us. Guess what color shirt she was wearing: pink! I frantically asked the Lord, “What do you want me to share?!” All I heard him say was, “Me.”

Around the World in 60 Seconds

Today’s the third day of violent protests in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where unemployment has soared to 27.5%. We’re also praying for Ukraine, where the government and protesters aren’t exactly getting along.