DTS In Short: Identity

Ever wanted an inside glimpse of Discipleship Training School? Our newest blog series, DTS In Short, gives a quick look at what our students learn in class. Each post highlights a major teaching topic of DTS. We’re kicking it off with one of our own staff members, Amy Ford, who teaches on knowing your identity in Jesus. […]

From Peru: A Love Worth Living For

I knew God was telling me to go share with him, but I was pretty intimidated. Finally I went up to him, and it turned out that his life was a whole lot like mine. I found out that he’d been struggling at school and he was filled with depression. He was so hopeless that he said he wanted to kill himself.

“What should I share?”

As we prayed for our day, I felt like God was showing me a woman wearing a pink shirt. Then as we approached the village, I saw a woman walking towards us. Guess what color shirt she was wearing: pink! I frantically asked the Lord, “What do you want me to share?!” All I heard him say was, “Me.”