The Privilege of Giving

During our outreach in East Kentucky, We teamed up with one of the local churches in a very small town where drug/alcohol abuse, violence, and poverty are very common.  For the few days we were there, we attended every event and service at the church.  Through this, we were able to get to know the congregation and many who […]

Should I do a Discipleship Training School?

I think we all really want adventure but aren’t sure how to satisfy that need. In God both the need for safety and the need to take risk is fully met! God’s plan for your life is so much bigger than just the 9 to 5 grind that so many of us have bought into. A DTS is all about stepping out into that risk. Doing a DTS is dangerous, because afterwards you will be ruined for the ordinary.

A Red Coat and Hope

Inside the Lord’s Kitchen in downtown Louisville, I saw him. He was sitting at one of the tables. He was tall and skinny. A big, red coat completed the image. The same red coat I had seen when I had asked God who he wanted me to speak to.

Her Name is Emily

A few moments passed and God spoke to her! “I am his daughter and he forgives me,” she said. Not only did the Lord speak to her, but he spoke to me as well.