Purposeful or Purposeless?

What drives you? Is it the fuel for adventure? The thrill of success? Or maybe it is the quiet assurance that comes from following the Lord. Which one do you want to be your motivation for life?

A Stepping Stone

“What was only a week-long trip, started me on this path of having a personal relationship with Jesus. Now, three years later, I have realized this is only the beginning of my life in missions. And to think I started on this journey by accepting the simple invitation of a friend.”

Why Carry Trash?

Are you carrying around trash or treasure? If you had to choose between getting a treasure chest full of coins or a trash bag full of garbage, which one would you choose? You might think the answer is obvious, but which one do you choose on a daily basis?


Entering a new culture is exciting! You get to learn new things, meet new people, and most importantly, try new food. But experiencing a new culture is not always what it’s cracked up to be. Read more to learn about culture shock and stress and how you can deal with it.

The Missing Link

The names of God gives us a glimpse into the glorious and majestic God we serve. There is one characteristic of Jesus though, that is often forgotten. Yet, it is the binding that holds them all together.

Love in the Face of Violence

In response to my smile, Nando picked up a small rock and hurled it at me. Again, I returned his actions with a smile. Five or six more times we went through this cycle. Rock. Smile. Rock. Smile. Each time, the rocks we getting bigger. Later on that day, I realized something: I am Nando.