The Reason for the Season

It’s been said that, “Christmas is God’s ultimate peace project,” meaning the birth of Jesus made way for ultimate belonging and relationship with God. This is what we were created for to begin with. Perfect peace and harmony are essential and nothing else was known before sin had been welcomed in to the lives of mankind. […]

How to Hear God for Big Decisions

What happens if I miss it? What if I make a mistake? Is God gonna speak to me? Does He care? How do I even hear? Is it me or God? Making a big life decision is something that we all will face at one time or another. And these types of questions may come […]

Without You: A Poem

May 31, 2018   What would a day look like without your love?  Without some one looking down from above, With eyes so gentle caring and sweet, Who sent His son to die for me.    What would a day look like with out your grace?  A perfect Father just waiting to embrace, Who doesn’t […]

Why Choose Louisville

What’s in Kentucky? Why Kentucky? These are the most frequent questions I get when I tell people that I moved to Kentucky from California but in order to answer those I’ll have to share some of my story. I am a Korean-American from Ventura, California (a small coastal beach town) and I went to college […]

5 Ways to Ruin a Relationship

Relationships come and go, right? Here are five of our tips to help them go away a little bit quicker! 1. It’s you, you, and *clap your hands* always you. Relationships are about you feeling great! So take, take, take, and then take some more! Helping your friend to remember this is key so make […]

How to Make An Authentic Spanish Meal

When in Mexico, Tacos. When in Morocco, Cus-cus. When in Argentina, Asado.   If you really want to immerse yourself in a culture and experience a country, you start at the table. Food and what happens around it gives you a glimpse into the place and it’s people. It teaches you what they value and […]