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Andy & Carmelita Landers

Tennessee / Missouri

It doesn’t take long to figure out what matters most to Andy. Loving Jesus, loving his family, reaching the nations, and developing leaders all top the list. As base director, Andy’s timely with truth when we need a challenge and full of stories from around the world. Carmelita is an administrative genius and discipleship guru who keeps things running smoothly around here while being “mom” to pretty much everyone around. She’s passionate about doing things with excellence and making people feel welcome. Andy and Carmelita have been in YWAM since before most of us were born, but we try not to point that out too often. Their adult children, Ethan and Claire, grew up in YWAM (of course) and are both serving with YWAM now in Australia.

Jose & Marissa Aguilar

Seattle, Washington

While Jose and Marissa were still dating, they went on a mission trip and heard about YWAM. Just like the wise old adage, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes moving across the country to join YWAM,” in a matter of months the two got engaged, got married, and signed up for DTS. That’s no surprise to anyone who knows them: this couple doesn’t back away from a challenge, tackling a new venture with tenacious faith – and a board game with fierce competitiveness. Marissa brings beauty and excellence to any task she’s given and grace to those around her. She’s brimming with giftedness, from drama to gymnastics to administrative finesse, and when we say she’s the type of person who would give her only coat to someone who doesn’t have one, we’re not talking hypothetically. Jose’s passion is the louder kind – he doesn’t shy away from challenging others to surrender their lives to God, the way he has. Jose lends technical savvy to our online presence and worship teams, and he’s the one we call when the wifi goes down or a computer is on the fritz. And while Jose adores coffee, Marissa’s a chai drinker – and as vehemently opposed to chocolate as Jose is to decaf.

Randy Aills

St. Paris, Ohio

Randy seems to be happiest when he’s helping someone else, which makes the rest of us happy, too. His heart to serve keeps his leaders sane; he loves making others successful and has an uncanny knack of remembering anything, down to the detail. Randy’s a quiet guy in a noisy crowd of YWAMers, but listen up or you might miss something deeply insightful or truly hilarious. He’s also got the most-imitated laugh around and crazy SnapChat cred.


lizzyLizzy Boettcher

Cambridge, Minnesota

If you’ve seen Lizzy’s steady spirit and tireless work ethic, you won’t be surprised to learn that she grew up on a midwestern farm. Around here you’ll see her tackling whatever task she’s given with her signature farm-girl grit. Lizzy is deeply committed to people and serves from her heart with thoughtfulness and generosity. She genuinely desires to love and welcome others, so you’ll quickly feel at peace when you’re with her. Just don’t ask her what’s involved in making sausages from those pigs her family raises. You don’t want to know.

Neil Brangers

Louisville, Kentucky

Not long ago, Neil was sleeping through his high school’s chapel service, as usual, when the wild-eyed guest speaker got so loud that he was rudely awakened. The speaker was none other than YWAM Louisville’s director, Andy, who was inviting students to join our summer mission trip in Nicaragua. Neil wasn’t particularly interested in God at the time, but God was interested in him. He started stirring Neil’s heart, and before long he was going to church, pursuing Jesus, and signing up for that Nicaragua trip. Now he’s a full-time, full-fledged YWAMer, bringing his characteristic attention to detail to meeting practical needs around the base, singing with the worship team, or shooting hoops. Neil’s an evangelist whose heart is tender towards the Lord and towards others. We’re pretty glad God woke him up.

Tiara Carpenter

Colon, Michigan

Tiara crowns others with care and compassion, so her name fits her well. She’s the type of person who asks you how you’re doing and you can tell that she really wants to know – so watch out, because if you cross paths with her you’re going to get a whole lot of love, truth, and encouragement. You’re also likely to hear ridiculous jokes at the most unlikely times. She has a passion for evangelism and making Jesus known, all over the world but especially right here in the United States. She has a powerful voice—she is passionate, caring, joyful, loving, and inclusive. She has a way of making others feel like family, and we’re so glad she’s a part of ours too.

Kevin Clark

Burlington, Wisconsin

Kevin has a passion for the Lord that is even more contagious than his ever-present smile. He is someone who lives and walks by truth—and he doesn’t keep it to himself, either. Ask him anytime and he’ll tell you what God is teaching him. He has a gift for encouraging those around him and cracking hilarious jokes. At first glance, Kevin may seem quiet, but look more closely and you’ll see that he can make you laugh just by walking in the room. Kevin has a knack for photography and loves a good bowl of ramen.

Derek & Steph Culp

Ohio / Pennsylvania

Like the miles she’s logged training for half-marathons, Steph leaves dependability and order in her wake. She faithfully oversees our accounting office, embracing what could easily be an overwhelming job with grace and finesse, so that all of us can carry on without the lights being shut off or the food running out. Derek’s always got a story. His favorite is the story of what God’s done in his life, and he tells it every chance he gets. He also always has a joke, so at first we didn’t believe him when he said he’s been to clown college, but it’s true: he’s got an actual diploma from the prestigious Giggles & Grins Clown Alley. It’s no surprise, really, because Derek loves to bring joy to people. Derek and Steph are both solid leaders who disciple others and have a heart for hard-to-reach places. Derek says, “I married up.” We think they both did. With parents like that, baby Judah’s bound for greatness.

Madisyn Deisch

Plymouth, Indiana

Our friend Maddy overflows with loyalty and a joyful care for others. She channels her creative energy into wholehearted service, as well as laying down some perfectly-timed deadpan humor. Maddy leads by example: she leads herself first, making the tough choices in obeying Jesus, and others naturally follow. She deeply loves children and dreams of providing a home for orphans one day. You’ll often find her playing with kids, passing around a tin of Altoids, or sipping a mug of tea. We’d say that Maddy is one of a kind, but since she has a twin sister that’s not exactly true. But she’s uniquely loved and a particular blessing to our YWAM family.


Hannah Devereaux

Plainwell, Michigan

Hannah has to be one of the most thoughtful people we’ve met. She loves her friends with a quiet commitment that’s quick to find ways to bless. And if any of that thoughtfulness stems from her tendency to get bored if she’s sitting still, channeling nonstop energy to serve others remains an admirable trait. The interests that Hannah has dipped her talented toes in are many and varied. She’s a natural athlete, known to “accidentally” run several miles while most of us are still sleeping. She’s a gifted musician – that’s her upright bass keeping the girls’ house classy. And you never know when her creativity might churn out a fresh batch of kombucha or a newly-repaired small appliance. Hannah’s quick with a laugh, but she’s serious about prayer, which makes her someone everyone wants on their team

April Funk

Washington Boro, Pennsylvania

april-croppedApril is sweetness personified. It seems like she’s never without a smile, a hug, and a listening ear. She’s also always up for an adventure! April comes from the Lancaster, PA area and is known for her fierce love for her family and friends. If you want to hear about God’s faithfulness, ask her about how God has healed her and set her free to serve him. It’s a powerful story – so it’s no wonder she’s so passionate to see him do the same in the lives of others. April has an easy enthusiasm, a generous nature, and startling dedication to potatoes – seriously, it might be the only food she ever buys.



Richie Hyde

Calgary, Alberta

Richie’s the only guy you can tell to take a hike without being offensive. He’s known for going on overnight hikes without bringing water, but he tells us that’s normal for Canadians. Richie’s really a citizen of the world, not just a Canuck;  he’s lived in eight different countries and knows a thing or two about traveling the world. That makes him a great fit in our staff family, but of course that’s not the only reason we admire. It doesn’t take long to see that Richie has a heart to serve those around him. Whether it’s in his generosity, his willingness to drop everything to give focus and attention to a friend, or his passion for figuring out ways to provide clean water for those who don’t have it, he’s distinguished by his heart to value others above himself. Richie is also a hard worker with a knack for organization – so if you ever need a schedule made or a problem solved, you know who to call.

Ian Grant

Columbia City, Indiana

ianIan is one of those refreshing individuals who has learned to live joyfully by simply being himself. Whether it’s being goofy or pulling off a crazy dance move, he loves having a good time and making other people smile. Ian loves sports, League of Legends, and sharing what God has done in his life with others. He is a humble servant who’s passionate about missions and confronts new challenges with cheerful determination. He’s also one of the most competitive people we know (but with three brothers and two sisters, who can blame him?). So if it’s basketball, board games, or mission trips, you’ll want Ian on your team. Things will get fierce in a hurry.


Madison Johanning

Wichita, Kansas

While Madison passionately loves her home state (as well as meatloaf, clouds, and happy tears), she’s not in Kansas anymore – and we’re so, so glad! If we’re talking about someone with a big heart who invests fully in whatever is in front of her, we’ll definitely mention Madison. She is a leader at her core and always brings a positive attitude into the room. With a personality as bubbly as hers, it’s no surprise that she is a La Croix fanatic. She is always down for a new adventure, especially if it leads to a local coffee shop. Madison adds joy, order, and intentionality to our community, and we are thankful God has brought her to be a part of our family!

Marny Rey Ketcham

Charlotte, North Carolina

Marny is a ray of sunshine and a thoughtful friend; spend five minutes with her and you’ll instantly feel at home. She freely speaks her mind yet manages to do it with gentleness and compassion; in other words, whether you need a kick in the butt or a shoulder to cry on (or both!), she’ll be there for you. Marny is committed to hearing the Lord speak and obeying what he’s said; that’s taken her around the world and brought her here to serve in Louisville. She is creative and insatiably curious, unafraid to ask questions and learn new skills. She’s also full of fun, so it’s no surprise that few people call her by her real name, “Margaret.” Her nickname is like her wild red hair: it suits her, and we like it.

Karen Kulp

New Holland, Pennsylvania

When some wise old proverb-writer said “Still waters run deep,” they were probably referring to Karen Kulp. “KK”, as she’s inevitably called, won’t be the first or loudest voice to chime in to a discussion, but what she shares comes from a deep well of relationship with Jesus and passion for discipleship. Karen’s faithful and determined, happiest when she’s directly involved in seeing people grow in our training schools. But she does get a little anxious when her stash of peanut butter starts to run low.

Audrey Lee

Ventura, California

Anyone who meets Audrey can see that she has a peaceful countenance and a sweet soul. Get to know her a little more and you’ll discover the fire in her spirit. Audrey had her life planned out before DTS. After five months committed to growing with God, she found more life than she had ever dreamed was possible. She embodies what it means to find fulfillment and satisfaction in the Lord. Her love for culture, adventure, and travel has taken her to university, a job in Korea, surfing in the Pacific, and right here to Louisville. When Audrey commits to something, she’s all in. Her depth and personality add a unique richness to our family.



Collin Lee

Port Charlotte, Florida

If laughter is the best medicine, people who hang around Collin should be pretty healthy. He’s gifted with a hysterical sense of humor, so you won’t have a shortage of laughable moments and memories if you spend time with him. He’s not without a serious side, though, and even his ability to make people laugh comes from his genuine personality. Collin is both hard working and tenderhearted, fearless and caring. He genuinely loves and fights for others, and he’s your guy if you need someone to take on a task with joy and a light heart. So Collin’s strengths are evident. But break out the chocolate and you’ll discover his weakness in a hurry.


Jarrett Miller

Manheim, Pennsylvania

Jarrett grew up on a dairy farm with four big brothers, so it’s no wonder he’s learned how to stand his ground. He’s strong and gentle all at once, so he knows when to be firm and when to step back from a situation. Jarrett exhibits true humility; we saw this during his training schools, when he was forced quite literally to slow down and lean on others after spraining both ankles simultaneously. Jarrett is dependable, hard-working, and full of grace that’s freely extended to others. His heart is not only made of gold – it’s full of love for those around him. He brings joy, enthusiasm, and a sense of wonder to everything he’s a part of. And here’s a pro tip to make Jarrett your best friend: treat him to a Mountain Dew. He’ll love you forever.

Juanita Miller

Berlin, Ohio

Always ready with a cheesy joke or an encouraging word, Juani’s the kind of thick-and-thin friend you want by your side. She’s known for being scrappy on the basketball court, and she takes that fierceness into other arenas as well: she serves her heart out, and she loves people well. Juanita’s feisty but fun, and she’s also deep – she’s quick to pray, keenly aware of God’s leading, and always on the lookout for beauty through her camera lens. And don’t let her first name throw you off – if she’s flinging foreign phrases, they’ll be Amish-style German, not Spanish.

Jamie Nicklin

Wooster, Ohio

Jamie is an adventurer at heart, as well as a lover of cats, Netflix, the Cavs and all things purple. As an only child, Jamie earned to stand her ground with a grit that gives herself and our community a certain stability. She also possesses a gentleness that lets others know that they are loved and seen. Jamie values excellence, but she never takes the credit for a job well done – it’s always reflected back to Jesus. Jamie is known to laugh at almost everything, including her own jokes. Her joy is contagious. We love having her as a part of our family!

Gabi Parsell

Indianapolis, Indiana

When we first met Gabi on one of our Mission Adventurers, she had just had knee surgery. Still, she trekked through Nicaraguan neighborhoods with us, sporting her robotic-looking knee brace and signature smile. I guess it’s no wonder that her name means “God is my strength;” we’ve seen her walk that out through life’s ups and downs. Gabi’s friendliness makes everyone feel like they belong, and when we say she’s “all in,” we’re not kidding. In her free time, you’ll probably find her reading anime or writing poetry while drinking a matcha latte.

Jesse & Karina Priddy

Kentucky / Monterrey, Mexico

Back when our physical presence in Louisville was still a dream and our online presence was nothing more than a hastily-assembled MySpace page, a teenaged girl south of the border somehow discovered us and told us she wanted to join our DTS. Karina has the distinction of being the first student to sign up for training with YWAM Louisville – and she’s still here, now with her husband, Jesse, and their kids. Jesse loves to make people laugh and Karina loves to laugh (and laugh, and laugh), so it’s clearly a match made in heaven. They’re more than just the life of the party, though – they’re dependable servant leaders, Jesse helping out with worship or youth ministries, Karina tackling any task she’s given. Aiden and Sophia are all dimples, personality, and chubby smiles. We love Jesse and Karina for their own sakes, but it doesn’t hurt that they’ve brought us two of the sweetest mini-YWAMers imaginable.

Colton Reimer

Winkler, Manitoba

When we talk about Colton (and we often do), it’s hard not to mention his positive attitude and cheerfulness. Colton is filled with joy and finds the good in tough situations (or people!) He’s quick to laugh and make others laugh, passionate about sharing Jesus, and utterly unashamed of who he is. Colton loves sports and is probably good at all of them, even the ones he hasn’t tried yet. But like any self-respecting Canadian, his favorite is hockey. We’re grateful for countless ways that Colton enriches our community, not the least of which has been introducing us to one of the delights of Canadian cuisine, poutine.

Anna Seitz

Indianapolis, Indiana

Our friend Anna is rarely seen without a smile on her face and a compliment on her lips. She has one of those sweet personalities and infectious laughs that make her a joy to be around. She’s also a deeply passionate person – passionate about Jesus and passionate about seeing injustices like sex trafficking abolished. It’s a passion that extends to a few more trivial things, like kittens, red lipstick, and all things Disney, but don’t let her bubbly side catch you off guard – Anna combines her inquisitive nature with a sharp mind and a zeal for truth, and she’ll fight, hard, for those she loves.

Gabe Smith

Marion, Iowa

Gabe was a kid on a youth group mission trip when he first made YWAM Louisville’s acquaintance. DTS brought him back, and now he’s a full-time part of our staff family. Gabe’s a good guy with a ready smile and a servant’s heart, attacking the task at hand with enthusiasm and excellence. He’s a natural leader and oozes creative energy, so if you’re wondering what he’s up to on any given evening, he’s probably connecting with a couple of friends, leading a spontaneous worship night, or diving into a book that’s too thick for most of us. Or he’s at ballet class – and he’s not ashamed to admit it.

Cassidy Stecklein

Columbus, Ohio

Cassidy’s story of winding up at YWAM Lousiville is a unique one: while many students come to DTS to learn about missions, Cassidy learned about DTS on the mission field. She spent several years with her family in a Muslim-majority nation, which might explain her maturity and tenacity. But it’s her depth of relationship with Jesus that marks her the most. Anyone who meets her knows that Cassidy is full of passion – whether it’s people, prayer, or a round of Settlers of Catan, she’s all in.




Kelly Taylor

Worden, Montana

Kelly’s tiny hometown isn’t on most maps, but she swears it’s an actual place and we’ve decided to believe her. Kelly pours her creativity into painting, cooking, exploring the outdoors, and the thousands of ways she styles her hair. She loves Jesus and it’s obvious; it’s also clear that she was born to lead others in following him. Kelly’s passionate about helping women find their true value, and she does that right here with students in our training schools and around the world with our outreach teams.


Hannah Joy Thomas

Summers, Arkansas


Hannah Joy is a southern belle with a sassy streak that might surprise you.  Her name is a perfect depiction of who she is — joy follows her into every situation she finds herself facing.  Her bright personality and genuine excitement about life have the ability to immediately brighten any room, and her sharp wit is a tool that often aids her in her quest to bring people together through laughter.  Hannah Joy is a diligent and dedicated servant, passionate about being a voice for the voiceless and seeing justice brought to young women who were robbed of it.  She’s also constantly looking for new screamo music to add to her repertoire, so if you have any recommendations, be sure to send them her way.


Libby Thorngate

Burlington, Wisconsin


When Andy first pitched the idea of planting a new YWAM location, Libby seized the dream and jumped on board. Today Libby helps us remember what we are called to do and lends her considerable leadership skill to the task at hand, whether it’s a worship service or an outreach. From discipleship to coffee, Libby is all about quality, pouring her whole heart (and as many jokes as possible) into what she does. Not given to subtlety, her housemates can tell when she’s home because the sounds of her singing or smells of her cooking fill the air.


Brian Troyer

Apple Creek, Ohio

Not too long ago, Brian was living an empty lifestyle that he knew wasn’t for him. When he hit rock bottom, God got ahold of his heart, and within a few months he found himself at YWAM Louisville’s DTS. Brian is goofy, generous, competitive, dependable, and passionate — especially about evangelism and all things Ohio sports! He loves to learn and always has new revelation about God’s truth to share, a YouTube or podcast recommendation, or an insightful question to mull over. Brian’s a big guy, but he’s the furthest thing from intimidating – we guarantee he’ll make you laugh within the first five minutes of knowing him.


Jake and Gail Troyer

Ohio/ Spain

Jake met Jesus in the middle of the night in a beach house in Florida (yes, it was spring break, and yes, it was “that kind” of spring break), and he’s never been the same since! He has a hunger to walk closely with Jesus and a passion to share God’s heart with others, whether that’s praying for their healing, encouraging others in their walk, or sharing what God’s been revealing to him personally. It’s hard to find a time when Jake isn’t smiling, either because of God’s goodness or a joke he finds hilarious (even if everyone else finds it cheesy). Gail is a gentle sunbeam, bringing warmth and beauty to those around her through joyful creativity and deep relationship. She’s a worshiper through and through, whether it’s writing songs that honor Jesus, delighting in his creation with her photography, or celebrating what God has done in the people around her. Gail has many talents, but she’s quiet about it, so you might have to bribe her with Chick-Fil-A to get her to show them off. Together, Jake and Gail are unstoppable.

Cody & Heather Tyler

Amelia Court House, Virginia

Heather came to DTS in the spring of 2010 with stories about her amazing boyfriend, Cody. By the time Cody came to DTS a few months later, he was Heather’s amazing fiancé. Now they’ve joined our staff family, firmly attached as “mister” and “missus” – and just as amazing as ever. Cody’s known for his love of the limelight; he’s a talented musician, a constant comedian, and incapable of sitting still for long – especially if a late-night Taco Bell run is calling his name. Heather balances Cody’s crazy with a depth of compassion for others, attention to detail, and care for excellence. The two have shared Jesus in Nicaragua, central Asia, Germany, and east Asia – and they’re just getting started. And speaking of just getting started, little Landon delights us all with his baby thighs and drooly chuckles.

Kate Weber

Dubuque, Iowa

Just take a few moments with Kate and you’ll immediately see that she’s a passionate person. It’s even evident in the way she talks a mile a minute! More than anything, she pursues truth and is serious about obedience and surrender to the Lord. Kate is a loyal friend and an avid iced chai drinker—and since she used to be a barista, don’t be afraid to ask her to make you one! Kate has a love not only for hand-crafted beverages but also for the seeing Jesus made known among unreached people, especially in the Middle East. Kate is as likely to be kickin’ it with her grandma as anyone her age. We think she’s remarkably mature for her age, so maybe that’s why; she just says she has an “old soul.” Either way, her depth and commitment make her a solid friend for anyone of any age.




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