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Louisville’s Climate

What's The Weather Like?

Louisville doesn't have an extreme climate. Being the most northern city of the south, we experience neither the extreme cold of the north or the sweltering heat of the south. This means its perfect weather to get outdoors! Go explore the city, hangout in our parks, find a creek to swim in, or hangout at the skate park, our weather would hold you back. 

Louisville Temperature Average

195 Days of Sun Each Year

More than half of the year is sunny days, but don't forget to take a rain jacket when you come here because it also rains regularly too. 

We have four seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Summer lasts between June to September where the daily high is above 79°F (26°C). winter is from December to End of February with the daily high averaging below 52°F (11°C). We do get snow but it rarely stays for more than a few days. 

From College to Missions: Heather’s DTS Story

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I had just graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and a determination in my heart to “help” others however I could. I was a fiery-eyed social worker, ready to see justice put into action but where? How? That, I was unsure of. However, I could not deny this stirring in my heart that…

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Our Summer Essentials Sun, 80 degrees, flip-flops and sunglasses… it is very evident: Summer is here! Whether this is your absolute favorite time of the year or you just look for ways to make it through (hello, heat!) we all have a few things that are a big part of this season. We asked some…

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By Anna Seitz | June 19, 2020 |

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”  – Matthew 9:37 –   Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to go to East Asia, to a country where we hadn’t sent a team before. We were part of a YWAM project to get a Bible in every…

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By Marny Ketcham | June 5, 2020

God cares deeply about people. You need only to turn a few pages of the Bible to see this. He hates everything that eats at and destroys mankind. Those things are a fruit of our misalignment to His goodness, and we call that “sin”. The difference in the world after sin entered is shocking. Orphans,…

How I Got To DTS: Kendra Miller

By Anna Seitz | May 22, 2020

I heard the call to missions when I was 16 years old. It was my first time out of the country and my first time on a missions trip. While I was in Costa Rica, I experienced the Lord’s deep love for me like I never had before and grew in boldness and confidence in…

When God Multiplies / The Power of a Coffee Shop

By Anna Seitz | May 8, 2020

2017 was the beginning of a new thing. We sent an outreach team to Southeast Asia for the first time where we helped start an English club in a coffee shop. We arranged to cover drinks for our future students and the coffee shop gave us the top floor to use as our classroom. Students…

Tips on How to Spend Time With God

By Gail Pineda | April 24, 2020

“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” -St Augustine   Life is made up of seasons. Some are crazy and busy, some are quiet and still. There are seasons of sowing and preparing, there are those of waiting, of pressing in and trusting, there…

Invisible Yet Tangible: 6 Ways to Deal With Mental Health

By Anna Seitz | April 10, 2020

*Disclaimer: We are not trained professionals in the area of mental health. We are not trying to replace the advice of doctors or counselors. We have members in our YWAM Family who have struggled with anxiety and depression and our heart in this post is to share with you some of the things they found…

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By Gail Pineda | March 27, 2020

BSN… Where to begin… I came out of those 20 weeks with so much. So many laughs, so many tears (from joy and other deep emotions), so many pages read, so many words spoken, and so many revelations that changed my view of God, myself, and this world we live in.  I never expected to…

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