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Without You: A Poem

May 31, 2018

What would a day look like without your love? 

Without some one looking down from above,

With eyes so gentle caring and sweet,

Who sent His son to die for me. 

What would a day look like with out your grace? 

A perfect Father just waiting to embrace,

Who doesn’t see you for wrong or right,

But watches over you as you sleep at night.

What would it look like if you didn’t pursue? 

I don’t think I’d know what to do. 

I’d still be the wandering one that got away,

But you leave the 99 when I go astray. 

What would it look like with out your peace? 

Darkness would overpower and light would cease.

When control isn’t mine to grasp,

I run to you and you take care of my tasks. 

What would I do without your power? 

My fear would fade over me hour by hour.

But you’re the one that calms the storm and waves

Who says “Do not fear, don’t be afraid.”

What would I do with out your healing? 

I would still be crying out to just the ceiling. 

Instead, you restore me and make me new.

I thank you for taking away my pain, too. 

What would I do with out your joy? 

I‘d still be looking for it in every girl and boy.

Your joy is the one that makes me complete, 

The things of this world have only deceived me. 

They promise that things are going to be fine,

But what happened to a perfect Love so Divine?

They promise that you’re the one in control, 

But how can you do that with just strength from your soul?

They promise that it’s up to me to be brave, 

But when fear is crippling I admit I’m afraid. 

What happened to faithful and commitments so true,

Or am I the only one that wants a real “I do?” 

The things of this world promise so much, 

But the truth is there’s only one thing in your clutch.

The perfect love of God is waiting patiently for you,

For you to surrender and to make you new.

He won’t disappoint and he has what is best,

He can take that burden off your chest.

Let him give you what only He can,

He’s sitting there waiting to take your hand. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

Maybe DTS can give you a new start. 

Say yes to God and He will meet you there,

He loves you so much and he knows all your cares.

He doesn’t see you because of your past, 

He’s the alpha and the omega the first and the last. 

You want a new place to live and to thrive 

And you can do that with Jesus inside. 

He can take all your sins, Shame, and regret,

addictions, chains, and times your need wasn’t met.

He sits there and holds you filling the times 

When people hurt you and tried to destroy your design.

Lauran is currently in our School of Ministry Development. She did DTS with us this past January and had her life ruined for the ordinary. She has a huge heart for girls knowing their worth, justice and people simply knowing how much God loves them! She also loves Starbucks and everything monogram/southern-chic.

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