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To Live Free

“You broke my chains of sin and shame and you covered me with grace.

You mend my life with your holy fire,

You cover me with grace.

You are the hand that reaches out to save.

I am set free, oh oh oh oh.

It is for freedom that I am set free”

“I Am Set Free”

– All Sons and Daughters

During my Discipleship Training School, I’ve been experiencing something I’ve never known before: freedom. Freedom from fear and lies; freedom from insecurity and failures; freedom from comfort and safety; freedom from the path I would’ve chosen; freedom from my self.

Jesus is freedom.

Jesus is freedom.

He knew who I was meant to be – He made me that way! He made me to be more than I was willing to settle for! He made me to experience the life He intended for me – to take the back roads so that He could “show me the path of life” that would lead to fullness of joy (Ps. 16:11). His path always leads to Him! And it’s in His presence that I find freedom – I find life.

For the last few months I’ve been learning more about who the Lord is and who I am. This week, He wanted me to discover not just who I am but who I’ve been created to be. He did that this week. This week, I became free.

Yes, in Christ, I’ve been made free from sin and death, but living free is a very different concept. We were made to live free! And it’s when we’re living and walking in freedom that we can find our true identity – who we’re made to be!

So when the Lord said to me: “I’ve made you to be free,” I knew that meant I needed to take off the chains I had put on.

So when the Lord said to me: “I’ve made you to be free,” I knew that meant I needed to take off the chains I had put on. Over time, I had allowed myself to be in bondage to sin and lies that the devil wanted me to believe and that caused an identity crisis to occur in my life. I couldn’t hear the truth of who I am in Christ and live in freedom because the lies I believed had become a part of my identity.

The lies said: You’re not enough. Jesus said: “I’ve made you enough.” The lies said: You’re not worthy. Jesus said: “You’re worthy to Me.” The lies said: You can’t be free. Jesus said: “If I make you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36)

He did that. He made me free.

And He wants that for you. He wants you to really, truly live.

Jessica is a student in our Fall Discipleship Training School. Jessica lives with her heart surrendered to the Lord, trusting Him with everything. She is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with those around her and will soon be doing that in Southeast Asia!

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