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“The Prodigal Son”

I was staffing a Mission Adventures outreach in Monterey, Mexico with two participants and one of their youth leaders who spoke fluent Spanish. We were passing out Bibles going house to house. There were a lot of houses with nobody home. At the last house we were knocking at the gate and saw it was locked, so we started to yell greetings to see if anybody was home. A homeless man on the other side of the street got our attention and we thought he was asking what we were doing. We told him we were handing out Bibles and he asked us if he could have one. So we crossed the street and gave him a Bible. He told us his name was Pablo, and when he looked at the Bible, he looked at it with this excitement like it was something lost now found, and he wept. As he spoke through the tears we learned he used to be a Christian, but he had since then walked away from God to live how he wanted to. He felt so bad for doing that, but we were able to show him the God of the Bible is a forgiving God. In 1 John 1:9 it talks about how God is faithful to forgive, so we told Pablo that. We also saw that he had cut his hand so we cleaned it and gave him a band-aid.  As we were doing that my group asked if he’d like to pray. He wasn’t familiar or comfortable with praying in public at first, but he did and he asked God for forgiveness. Afterward, he called himself the “prodigal son,” we all laughed and he left knowing the Lord loved and forgave him.

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