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From South Asia: “How Did You Know?”

It’s week three for our teams overseas, and they already have amazing testimonies to tell! Today’s story comes all the way from South Asia:

“One day, my team and I were in one of the worst slums in the city. We split up into four groups and went house to house, meeting people and sharing our stories with them. In one of the  houses we stopped at, my group met a teenager who had a full leg cast on. When we asked about it, he told us he had hurt himself trying to jump onto a truck. After talking to him for a while,we prayed for healing and spoke a lot of truth into his life. When we were done, his grandma asked if we16196041_10209799674486153_2181904284458514977_n could pray for her eyes because she was having difficulty seeing. I also thought our translator, Bino, told me that she wanted us to pray for her lungs. Lauren, one of the girls on our team, prayed for her eyes and then I prayed for her lungs. When we finished, she was crying. God had definitely done something. She told us that she felt a lot better, but she asked Bino how we knew to pray for her lungs. Bino was just as confused as her. He asked me how I knew to pray for her lungs. “You told me to!” I replied. He told me that he didn’t remember doing that. One of the guys in my group, Caleb, told me he thought he heard Bino tell me to, but Lauren told me she didn’t remember that happening. God was definitely working supernaturally to bring healing and show his love to this woman that day!”

-Drew, part of our team in South Asia.

God’s love knows no language barriers, it isn’t limited by cultural differences and it will always find a way to offer healing and hope. We could be part of this if we only dare to listen and obey.

“…for your Father knows what you need before you even ask Him.” 

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