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Life with Christ

What does it look like to know Christ and be with Him in all things?

When I was in high school and then college, I would hear people talk about how boring certain classes were and how they wished they didn’t have to take them. Out in the ‘real world,’ I  would hear people complain about certain aspects of their job and how hard or mundane they are. The truth is, a lot of the time we  miss the opportunity to walk with Christ in everything that we do.

Sometimes I think it’s because of the lies that we believe about how some things are important to God and other things don’t matter. Sometimes we think, “Going to church and spending time reading the Bible are things I should do, but this Calculus class I’m in…  well God doesn’t really care about that.” Or, “Man, folding these pizza boxes here at work is a waste of time. I’m not doing anything that matters. This is so useless!”

He came to redeem every part of our lives and culture!

In reality, God didn’t just come to save us from hell. He came to redeem every part of our lives and culture! He came to transform our governments, families, entertainment, media, education, economics, and our churches. Every sphere of our society He came for. He came to teach us what life to the full looks like (John 10:10). In everything that we do, we can learn from Him and find more of who He is.

Not only does God want to transform our world, He wants to be with us. In everything that we do, He wants to walk alongside us, relating to us, encouraging us, challenging us, enjoying life with us. The story of the Bible is a story of His desire to have relationship with us. Think about it. Adam and Eve chose sin, but He still related to them and covered their sin with the sacrifice of an animal. When the whole world was corrupt, he chose Noah to make a new beginning. Then he chose Abraham and his descendants to become a great nation of people, that He could know and bless, and in turn bless the world through them. Even when the nation of Israel turned their backs on Him, He eventually restored them and brought them back to Himself. He sent Jesus to be the perfect sacrifice for our rebellion, that we might be made right with Him and drawn back to relationship. He wants to know us!

I can walk into any part of my day with His truth, His values, His presence.

These two ideas – that God wants to be with us and that He wants to transform our world – can change our lives if we let it. There is a joy and excitement that comes to my heart when I think about the fact that in everything I do, I can do it with Jesus! I can walk into any part of my day with His truth, His values, His presence. I can walk in His love and grace. I can find joy in doing life with Him. When I walk with Him, I realize that He wants to transform our world. He gives purpose to the things that we do.

No longer am I just cleaning a toilet, mowing the lawn, or taking a boring gen-ed college class. I’m serving, restoring, blessing others, creating beauty, learning, and helping to redeem this world.  God gives us the joy of knowing and doing life with Him, and He gives us purpose; all we have to do is say yes to the adventure of walking with Him in everything and seeing the world as He sees it.

drewDrew has been on staff with YWAM Louisville since 2014. He has served faithfully with our training schools and is currently serving in our social media department. He is just the person to go to when you need someone to listen or need some great advice.

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