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Why Do a Skater’s DTS?

When I was asked if I would lead the Spring Skater’s Discipleship Training School (DTS), I was stoked. It’s combining my two favorite things: Jesus, and Skateboarding!

As I’ve been planning to lead this school, I was challenged with the question, “ Why am I leading the Skater’s DTS?”  In pondering this, I came up with five reasons why I should be leading this school, and why others should be a part of this experience.

Here are the five reasons you should do a Skater’s DTS:


 1. You Get to Skateboard!

  • Skateboarding is a huge passion of mine. I’m not the greatest skater out there, and you don’t have to be, either. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it does’t matter. Having the Louisville skate park so close to us is such a blessing. One of the coolest things about the skate park is that it’s open 24/7, and built with stadium lights, which means that we can skate even after the sun goes down. We’ll have plenty of opportunity to just go out and skate!


2. Reach Out to Others.

  • Not only will we get to do lots of skating, but we’ll get to reach out and minister to the skate community. We’ll do whatever it takes to see the Kingdom come to the skate community. We’ll go to the skate park to skate and build friendships, and do everything we can to bless the people there. If that looks like giving away water, lending a hand or an encouraging word,  sharing our testimonies, or even praying with them, then that’s exactly what we’ll be doing!


3. Be A Part of A Community of People Who Are After the Same Thing.

  • Here at YWAM, running after God “to know Him and make Him known” is our top priority. Our job is to know Him first. In our DTS, we’ll pursue God, allow Him to work in our lives individually and corporately, and then share that with the world! We’ll all be pursuing the Lord together, challenging each other to do the same. Being in a community that is running after the same things you are is so encouraging, and pushes you to run even harder!


4.  Learn How to Use Your Passion For the Kingdom.

  • Not only will we grow in our own personal relationships with the Lord, but we will also learn how to use skateboarding in ministry. As you may already know, the skateboarding scene is a little different than your average sports scene. We’ll learn new ways to reach the community, as well as bring in people who have lived this ministry to teach us from their experience.


5. Find Your Call In the Kingdom of God.

  • Whether you love to skateboard, longboard, cruise, film videos, or take pictures, if you are passionate about reaching the world of skateboarding, you are perfect for this DTS! We’ll seek God together to find out how He wants us to individually reach the community. God wants people who are passionate about Him to reach others for Him, and He may be calling you to be here this spring!


887574_10154404003169498_4756746885672526012_oDerek’s always got a story. His favorite is the story of what God’s done in his life, and he tells it every chance he gets. He also always has a joke, so at first we didn’t believe him when he said he’s been to clown college, but it’s true: he’s got an actual diploma from the prestigious Giggles & Grins Clown Alley. It’s no surprise, really, because Derek loves to bring joy to people.  He will be leading the Skateboarder’s portion of the Spring 2016 Discipleship Training School, and is stoked to see the many ways God is going to use his passion for skating to impact the nations.

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