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A Red Coat and Hope

Inside the Lord’s Kitchen in downtown Louisville, I saw him. He was sitting at one of the tables. He was tall and skinny. A big, red coat completed the image. The same red coat I had seen when I had asked God who he wanted me to speak to.

He was the man I had seen when I was praying. This was the man God wanted me to deliver a message to. I was nervous. What if he didn’t want to talk to me? What if he rejected my message? He didn’t know me. He had no reason to listen to me. But I knew God had told me to do this. I slowly walked over to him and asked if I could sit down. After introducing myself, he started talking about his life.

He had family around Louisville but wasn’t close to any of them. His pastor had told him to start reading the Bible in John. It was difficult. He didn’t understand any of it. He was confused. He was ready to give up. He felt so alone in this process.

I felt God whispering to my heart. He wanted me to tell him the message. I resisted. This man would think that I was crazy. But God persisted.

“I was praying to God today. He told me that I would meet a man in a big red coat. He gave me a picture of you. He wanted me to tell you that you are not alone. He is with you in this process.”

He sat back in shock as I continued to speak to him. When I finished he took a deep breath and told me his side of the story.

He had been handed this coat from a stranger an hour ago. I smiled at him.

“That is proof that God truly cares about you. He doesn’t just promise that he’ll be with you, he proves it to you.”

He thanked me over and over for being brave to give him this. I thanked God that He had used me to speak into this man’s life.

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Valentina is a student in our DTS. Her exuberant personality keeps everyone on their toes. Once you get her laughing it’s hard to stop her, but she can also put aside the jokes and seriously focus on the relationship in front of her.

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