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From Nepal: Can There Be Hope?

There is hope. Despite Satan’s triumphs and malicious schemes, despite the hurt in this broken world, God is bigger than the pain. He is restoring hope to the hopeless. And every time we bring God to the darkness that is in this world, we are bringing the very thing people need.

I had the incredible opportunity to experience that when I went to Nepal.

We were on a scavenger hunt in Kathmandu when I saw her. Her face looked as if it had been pressed into a vat full of baby powder. It was full of hurt and hopelessness. I only caught a glimpse of her as she passed in a van and quickly returned my attention to the scavenger hunt. I wondered if she was a prostitute, but I quickly dismissed the notion. But I could not forget her frightened and hopeless face. It lingered in the back of my mind.

The next day, a woman from an organization called Five14 took us on a “justice tour.” As we drove around the city, she pointed out countless brothels and sites of exploitation. It was then that I learned that prostitutes in Kathmandu were known by their heavy make-up. The girl I’d seen with the powdered face was in fact a victim of exploitation. As we walked the streets and prayed, I realized that these prostitutes are just girls, like me. Without the grace of God, I could easily be standing in their place.

I was overcome with a spirit of hopelessness. Voices began to taunt me, anger me, destroy me. “God, where are you?” I wept. Could there be hope? Could so much evil and injustice ever be stopped?

When my team debriefed aftewards, we realized that we’d all experienced the same thing. As we confessed our own hopelessnes, we also began to profess what we knew to be true about God’s goodness and faithfulness. Something sparked within me, and when our meeting closed I knew Jesus was inviting me to process with him further. On the roof of the guesthouse we cried together. And something amazing happened: Jesus gave me hope. More than that, he gave me joy! My crying turned to laughter and my anger turned to praise. I could not explain it – how could so much heaviness be so easily removed?

Because of hope. Because I know that Jesus weeps with each one of those girls. Because I know that he is bigger than human sin. Because he is righteous. He is just. And he is good.

In the following weeks, my team ministered in a village where missionaries are combating human trafficking by helping parents find employment rather than selling their daughters. As we shared Jesus and served in practical ways, I saw that God really is at work. He is faithful, he has not forgotten, and he never will. He is making all things new. He has overcome death and he is destroying despair. He is hope.

16725358771_bf2e13df70_kBrittany Kuepfer is no stranger to missions. Before being a part of YWAM Louisville’s Discipleship Training School, she was a missionary kid in Thailand. Brittany loves the nations. She enjoys to laugh and is never without a joke. She is currently attending Rosedale Bible College.

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