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“I need you to tell her something”

Isn’t it funny how God sometimes gives us exactly what we want in ways that we almost miss?

When I first started doing ministry in Spain, it was difficult to relate to the people because of the language barrier. I would beg God to allow me to understand and speak Spanish.

In the fourth week of my DTS outreach, a group of us had stopped to rest during a ministry time. While we were praying about what to do next, an old woman with a cane walked by. She was holding a cardboard sign and limping badly. Although we couldn’t read the sign, we felt like God wanted us to give her something. We each gave her what we little money we had. Even though it wasn’t that much, she was so grateful for it. She told us her leg was giving her pain all the way up her spine. We asked if we could pray for healing. She began to cry, but we couldn’t understand her.

Once we had prayed, she hobbled off and I felt God say “I need you to tell her something.” My mind raced as I thought of the language barrier that divided us. What was God thinking?! There was no way I would be able to get the message across. But God is bigger than any barrier that has ever existed. He created the languages that we speak and He can speak each one fluently. He reminded me of that and told me, “Don’t you think I have told you to do this for a reason?”

What was God thinking?! There was no way I would be able to get the message across.

I found her a little farther down the plaza, leaning against a wall. I got down to pray for her leg again and told her in perfect Spanish that she didn’t need medicine. I told her that Jesus wanted to be her medicine.

Although I don’t know what she said to me after that, I know she was ministered to. I don’t even remember the words that I said that day. I do know what they meant to her and I do remember how God moved even a language barrier to get a message to his child.

20631993409_c7e1c2c10b_oMaygan Ramsey recently graduated from her YWAM DTS. Called May by her friends, she grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and has never been accused of being shy. May loves parties and a good laugh. May is currently attending our YWAM SOMD

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