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Pitfalls and Energy Drainers

Are you stuck?  Sometimes in our journey of following Jesus we feel like we are in a rut. One day we have victory over sin, and the next we fall to temptation. Impurity, greed, having an escape plan, picking up an offense, self pity, serving for your own satisfaction, breaking the Sabbath, and a lack of learning are all things that will hinder us from our walk with God. We asked our staff to weigh in with their thoughts on one of these topics that impacted them when our base leader Andy shared a teaching on the subject. Here’s what they had to say:

It’s hard for me to stop going and rest. I knew that rest and keeping the Sabbath was something you were “supposed to do.” I mean, it’s one of the Ten Commandments. But going through my week and weekend, it wasn’t something I consciously thought about. I can see the the times where I don’t take a Sabbath, that I am drained. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. God knows what He is talking about when He commanded us to rest – He set the example and rested, so how much more do we need rest? Now I am learning to say no to certain activities or events, to try to protect my Sabbath!

– Steph

“How much more do we need to rest?”

I always have a Plan B. I think it’s because we think the best thing we can have is security. Whether it’s having money for my phone bill or if my car breaks down, I always have an escape in my mind. I think I know better than God sometimes. I put my plans above His. And it’s not truly depending on Him because I think I have to make a way. He is the one that makes a way for me.

– Brittany

Greed was the floodgates for selfishness in other areas of my life. It makes you do everything for yourself. It’s like trying to find a corner in a round room – you’ll never find it. It doesn’t satisfy.

– Jaron

Impurity is both an obvious and subtle energy drainer. Of course, sexual impurity will always leave us drained and feeling empty, but that isn’t the only way impurity drains us. Being pure is about being like Jesus. How are your thoughts about yourself? Are they really  what Jesus thinks about you? What about your thoughts towards others? Being polluted by hate, condemnation or fear can be just as draining as lust. We have the filter of the Holy Spirit to purify what goes into our eyes, ears and mind. Purity in all forms brings life!

– Ben

“Being pure is about being like Jesus.”

Serving for my own satisfaction or others approval hinders my relationship with God, because I’m trying to find affirmation from my actions as opposed to God’s love. I’m basically living opposite of the gospel working to make myself feel good by what I do and not by what the Lord has done for me. It leaves me tired, trying to do enough to feel good or make people think I’ve done enough. It takes my focus away from the Lord and onto myself. The Lord asks me to do all things unto him and the easiest way I can ruin that is by doing it for myself.

– Rachel

What is it that drains you? Where do you get stuck? Let’s recognize the selfish ways we give our time, emotions, and energy to other things rather than God; and then let’s ask God for forgiveness and run to Him to be filled!

So, how do we walk out in habits that bring life? Walking out in the opposite of what brings death! If we are trapped in greed, we should give generously. If we are not keeping the Sabbath, let’s make time to rest in the Lord. If we always have a Plan B, let’s trust the Lord and do things His way. We can walk these things out in the strength that Jesus provides.

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