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Handing out Hope

Here’s a look inside Marny’s (an SOMD student) experience on outreach in Nicaragua, and how God has been working in her life. YWAM Louisville has helped to facilitate two waves of mission trips in Nicaragua this summer.  

“One of my favorite stories from this week happened on Wednesday. We went to go hand out Bibles in the morning, and the first house my group and I went to, we gave the family a Bible and prayed for them. As we were walking away, an older man got our attention and explained that more than one family lived in this house (as I thought all along). OF COURSE we gave him a Bible too. He began to weep saying “gracias” so many times we lost count. He told us he has been following the Lord for 40 years but never had the scriptures. He tried to think of things he could do to repay us, but we told him it was a gift. He was so thankful we came that day and told us to let him know the next time we were coming and he will make us a meal.

I love what I get to do.”

MarnyCurrently in SOMD, Marny did her DTS with us last fall and went to South Africa for her DTS outreach. Marny is intense and spontaneous – seen through the way she plays soccer and the way she sometimes randomly breaks into dance moves. Marny has a sincere heart for Jesus, a genuine love for people, and a love of hammocking!

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