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God Was Showing Me Something

God speaks! Check out Ji Hye’s story of hearing God and making an impact in the nations: 

I remember the very first time we prayed for the nations. It was the beginning of DTS. I felt like God was showing me a picture of a beautiful, vivid red rose that was surrounded by thorns. I was excited! God was showing me something. As the rest of my team shared what they felt God was speaking to them, we realized it was all about the country we were going to in East Asia on outreach in a couple months. The rose in my picture symbolized the church, and the thorns symbolized the government and idolatry. We prayed for the nation, and as DTS continued, God brought up more for us to pray into.

“God gave me a joyful heart.”

Three months later, standing in East Asia, I saw the pictures I had been receiving from God with my physical eyes. There were a ton of enormous Buddha statues and temples everywhere. Honestly I was overwhelmed at first, but God gave me a joyful heart. We walked throughout the temples and prayed for the city in light of the victory that Jesus had already won for the people there.

Later on during our trip, I had the chance to share my testimony at a church. I wasn’t sure exactly what God wanted me to share, so I just prayed and went up to the front. As soon as I got up there God gave me the story; He led every word, every sentence. I was so thankful and felt a huge accomplishment in what God did. After I spoke a girl came to my team and I and told us it was her second time at the church, and she wanted to pursue God! Others said they were motivated and challenged by my story.

Going through DTS and going on outreach, I found that as I surrendered to God, He worked in my life and changed it. Not only in mine, but in those around me, and the people that we ministered to overseas.

18365117202_ed4a35f4e4_bHailing from South Korea, Ji Hye definitely won 1st place for traveling the farthest to come to our 2015 Winter DTS. During her time here she experienced freedom in the Lord, and found joy that comes from knowing Him. She is a gifted singer and wants to make an impact in people’s lives through music. If you catch her sometime when she is not singing, serving someone, or drinking a venti vanilla latte… you actually probably won’t catch her, because she loves to sleep!

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