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The Missing Link

God is… loving, faithful, righteous, Lord of our lives, King of Kings, Lion of Judah, the spotless lamb, etc. All of these names for Jesus describe a different part of his character and give us a glimpse into the glorious and majestic God we serve. There is one characteristic of Jesus though, that is often forgotten. It is something that slips under the radar and is easily overlooked.

God is constant

According to the dictionary, the word constant means: steadfast; firm in mind or purpose; resolute.

This is who God is; He is steadfast in His love, firm in His will, and resolute in His justice. I could insert any part of God’s character into that sentence and it would be truth. For God is constant in all aspects of his character; his methods may differ, but his character never will. There is a difference between consistency and repetition. One produces security, while the other boredom and predictability.

There are many things in our lives that are constant, but nothing is constant quite like God. His consistency is the binding that holds our lives together.

Perpetually moving

We live in a fast-paced time. News travels in seconds, sometimes day-old news is just that, day OLD news. To be constantly moving is not a rarity, but a norm.

In the midst of all this craziness, which we consider to be a part of normal life, we long for something to remain unchangeable. Something on which we can fully rely. Friends betray friends, families turn against one another, all because selfishness rules.  No one can be counted on completely, no one acts as they should or keeps their word every time. No one, except for God. 

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”(Hebrews 13:8)

He never changes. That is why Jesus could rest during the storm because he knew his Father. This means, Jesus knew his Father had not changed, therefore, despite the seemingly hopeless storm, he was not afraid. His confidence was anchored in the only One who never changes, as ours should be.

Power to fulfill the promise

He does what he says he will do–this is God’s promise and resumé . God said he would deliver the Israelites from under the hand of the Egyptians, and he did. He said he would bring them into to the Promised Land and he did. He promised a messiah and the Messiah came. God said “all nations” would be blessed through Abraham, and because of Jesus Christ, they were ,they are and they will continue to be. There is no end to the examples of God speaking and his words being fulfilled.

God is everything he says he is and does everything he says he will. He is limitless in His power! Therefore, not only has He promised to fulfill His word, but He also possesses the power to do so.

Shining as Always

As a result of the sin in the world, it can often be hard for us to recognize the truth of God’s character remaining constant. Our lives are filled with people whose character is riddled with inconsistencies. We can often forget who God is, because we see the opposite being lived out every day. But God gave us a daily picture to illustrate that he is constant when he created the sun. Every day, without fail, the sun rises and, just as faithfully, it sets. Some days you can see it, shining for all to see, and on others all you see is a dull glow as clouds try and block it’s light. Despite their best efforts though, it relentlessly shines on. When storms roll in, it appears as though the sun has left, retreated in defeat. But the truth is that during those times the sun has not left. Yes, you cannot see it from where you stand, but were you to break through the ominous clouds, you would find the sun, shining as it always does.

The sun is created, God is the Creator

However, this and every attempt of comparing God to anything will always fall short. While the sun was created, God is the Creator. He alone is truly constant.  The example of the sun should be a sign pointing to God’s consistency, rather than a destination. It is designed to point you to the truth instead of being the truth. So rather than looking to the sun, we are to look to God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

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