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Purposeful or Purposeless?

In 40 years, what do you want to see when you look back over your life? Now ask the Lord to show you what he wants you to see. Are they different?

What drives you? Is it the fuel for adventure? The thrill of success? Or maybe it is the quiet assurance that comes from following the Lord. Honestly, which one do you seek? Following the Lord leads to all three, but only the desire to follow God no matter what, should direct your steps. You should not follow anything else; not the hunger for wealth, the clamour for popularity, the paralyzation of fear, or the desire for pleasure. God alone deserves the title as the true Lord over your life.

Marching Orders

After you have established “who is the Lord of your life”, the time has come for your orders to be issued. Let God love and bless you, but also let him lead you. You are like a pond, to stay still for too long will cause you to become stagnant. To become stagnant means you stop developing, growing, progressing, or advancing; you grow stale. To avoid this: keep moving! That could mean you pursue a goal you have been given, or maybe it means you are to wait for now, as God prepares you to go forth. Whatever it may be, once God has spoken, the key is to obey!

An Act of Disobedience

God told the Israelites they would possess the Promised Land. He was going to give it to them; however, they let fear paralyze them, which kept them from entering the Promise Land. Therefore, God made them wander in the wilderness for 40 years.

“If Only…”

We wander in a similar way whenever we do not seek and follow the Lord. That doesn’t mean you will wander in a literal desert for 40 years, but if you do not listen to the Lord, you will wander through life. In other words, you will live aimlessly, or ramble without a definite purpose/objective, pursuing the wrong goals. As I said earlier, you will look back and wish you could have lived differently. You will have regrets – “If only I would have…”

All the Israelites had to do was be obedient, and the Lord would have done the rest. That remains the same to this day, all we have to do is be obedient to the Lord and he does the rest. We do not do the impossible, God does!

Living by Default

Living without a purpose or goal has been disguised by labels such as, “going with the flow,” “moving with the crowd,” or even the common mantra of youth now: “YOLO.” If we are being honest with ourselves the label really means, “following the standards or expectations of others, instead of God.” Essentially, that is what you are doing when you base your decisions simply off what everyone else has chosen or if you are living life by default.

 “What if I make the wrong decision?”

For those of you who are trying to decide your “next step”,  whether starting this fall or even tomorrow, this can be a real fear. While the desire to make the right choice is applaudable, it can turn into a paralyzing fear. Options surround you, pressing in until you are completely overwhelmed. Which one do you choose? Often, the result of this fear and confusion state causes you to enter, “the state of doing nothing.” This is no better than making the wrong decision. In the parable of the talents, the master’s fury is directed towards the servant who, out of his fear, simply buried his talent. When we allow fear to lead us to inaction, we waste God’s gift to us, the gift of life.

However, on the flip side of things, there are those who make decisions on their own, without seeking God’s will for their lives. The root of this is pride, for by doing so, one is implying that they know better than God.

Not Your Own

The way to avoid mistakes like this, is to let God make the decision for you! Let him take the pressure of choosing and guiding your plans for tomorrow and the rest of your life. When you act in humility and ask for his guidance, you don’t have to fear making the wrong decision. This is becuase you will not be making the choice, God will. In truth, the decision of what to do with your life, is not your decision to make, it is God’s. When you give your life to him, you no longer belong to yourself, but to God. He can show you the way to go when you permit him to lead you.

He is God!

Following yourself leads to wandering, but following God leads to fulfillment! Before the Israelites wandered in the wilderness, THEY WALKED THROUGH THE RED SEA ON DRY LAND! They did nothing, but follow what God told them to do and this is all you have to do as well. Wait on him and let him guide your steps. You will see God accomplish whatever is necessary for you to continue moving towards the goal he has given you. He is the God of the universe after all!

Don’t Waste It

Are you living purposeful or purposeless? Are you wandering, or are you following the path God has laid for you? First of all, have you asked the Lord what his plans are for your life and really taken time to listen? Without listening to the One who has the directtions, you will waste your life!

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