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Stop leaning on yourself

“Trust God.” I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that said, or I have said it myself. Yet it can be so hard to do. I know he is trustworthy, yet trusting him can be so difficult at times.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart. And lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

It doesn’t make sense

That is the real issue. It isn’t that you don’t want to trust God, it is that you don’t understand what has happened or why he asked you to do something. As humans living in this modern age, there is a huge struggle with the need to understand. We want to know and we want to know now.

Sometimes, we just don’t get it. God will call you to things that you will not like and that is where you have to make the choice: to trust him or not, to step off your throne and make him the ruler of your life, or to take the throne yourself. When you are the sole commander over your life you will understand why you make the choices you make. You will not wonder why you made the decision because you are the one who made it.

Allowing another to rule your life can be frightening, you will not always understand. You will have to trust. Just as I had to trust.

“I didn’t understand.”

I really wanted to date this guy, I mean REALLY. He loved the Lord and was a strong Christian. And he felt the same  for me. So we decided to pray about it because our desire to follow the Lord outweighed our desire to be in a relationship.

After getting “wait” for what felt like forever, God finally said yes. I was so excited!

However, three months later, God told him to break up with me. I know what you are thinking, “God told him to break up with you? Yeah right!” In this case, it was the Lord.  I went back to God, asking why? “Why did you tell him to do this when you were the one who told us we could date in the first place?”

I didn’t understand. I was hurt and angry at God.

Would I trust him anyway?

He asked me to trust him. Despite my lack of understanding, would I trust him anyway? And I did. I am not going to lie and tell you it was easy, or that it never hurt again. But when I trusted God, even when I didn’t understand, he carried me through. When I said, “Yes God” and took that first step, he carried me when my legs gave out.

Your Father knows

Child-like faith means submitting to our Father, regardless of whether or not we understand. We are called to have that kind of faith. The trust that means you look up at your Father and say “yes” even when your mind is screaming to understand. Children can’t always understand. They have to trust that their father does and is doing what is best for them.

Your Heavenly Father understands. Out of his love, he will tell you what to do. He knows best. We have to remember that we are the children, and that we will not always understand. Yet as we grow we will gain understanding.  But we will never grow unless we submit to our Heavenly Father in obedience. Our spiritual growth depends on it.

Looking back,  I can see why God did what he did. And I’m glad I chose to trust him. If I hadn’t trusted him, I would not be where I am now: a place of greater revelation of God’s trustworthiness and faithfulness to walk me through difficulties. Now, when hardship comes my way, I have personal experience of trusting him.

Stop leaning on yourself!

Remember that you are the child. Listen to your Father and obey. Stop leaning on yourself! Stop acting like you are the one who understands everything. Don’t be afraid of taking your Father’s hand and letting him lead you wherever he is taking you. There is no safer place than by his side, following his will. Remember to “lean NOT on your own understanding.” Then and only then can you truly trust.


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