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It Cannot Be Done

How often does that thought invade your mind? How many times do you allow that simple belief to control your life? In other words, how many times do you doubt God?

Hardship and difficulty often rise up and seemingly block the path to which God has called us. This takes on many different forms but regardless of what it looks like, it is intimidating and is intentionally placed in our thoughts to cause a questioning of our resolve and ultimately, to make us forsake God’s path for our lives.

“You are crazy to try and raise over $3000 in a month!”

This is what the students who attended our fall Discipleship Training School (DTS) faced this last month, as they graduated from the DTS and went home to raise the necessary support to attend the School of Ministry Development (SOMD).


I began with prayer

‘God gave me specific people to meet with to raise the money I needed. I would simply wait on God and he directed my steps. But the day before I was planning on returning to YWAM Louisville, I still needed $400. And I did not know how it was going to come in. That is when my Dad walked into my room, asking how much money I needed. To my astonishment, he proceeded to write me a check for $500! Apparently God told my parents to give me that amount near the beginning of the month. There I was, worried about how God was going to provide, and he had taken care of it weeks earlier.’

“What is your plan B?”

‘But the money wasn’t the only cost. People didn’t always understand why I fought so hard to go back. “You are crazy to try and raise over $3000 in a month,” they would tell me. “What is your plan B?” My response was simple: “There isn’t one.” With God I didn’t need a plan B.

Despite the challenges of raising the money while being ridiculed, I would not give up. There was no doubt in my mind that God wanted me to be here at YWAM Louisville. Therefore, I refused to quit. And I am so glad I did not!’ // Anna

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“I didn’t really have a strategy.”

‘I didn’t really have a strategy, I just knew that following Jesus is always the path to take. So I did.’

 “I have less than a week and still a lot of money to raise!”

‘A week before the school started, Kristen, one the YWAM staff, called to see how I was doing. At the end of our conversation she prayed for me. One thing she specifically prayed for was that all my money would come in the next day.

The following day, I met with a friend at a local coffee shop. She wanted advice on how to share the gospel before she went on a missions trip. During our conversation, she inquired about my current financial need. I told her I was waiting to hear from my church before I knew exactly how much I needed. We left it at that, and we continued with our conversation. Later that day, my church told me they would support me with $1000. This was wonderful, but it hit me that I had over $2000 left to raise. “I have less than a week and still a lot of money to raise!” I knew God would bring it in, but I sure didn’t know how he was going to do it.’

Then God did it!

‘I texted my friend, telling her how much my church was supporting me and how she could support me as well. Paying the remainder of my tuition, she texted, “You will be all set to go. God bless you!” Her response was the answer to Kristen’s prayer!‘ // Emily


God has given me a dream

‘ While in Peru, on my DTS outreach,  I realized this wouldn’t be enough to fulfill the dreams God gave me. There was so much more I needed to learn to see the completion of these dreams. That is why God was speaking to me about returning to YWAM Louisville’s SOMD.  You see, I am Colombian and before going through immigration in  America I had to know exactly how long I would remain in their country.’

5 minutes to go

‘So there I was, in the Lima airport, using the free 15 minutes of internet available and unsure of how this was going to work out. My friend Santiago, also from Colombia, and I were freaking out because he wanted to return for SOMD too. Ten minutes had passed and we still didn’t know how we were going to raise the money. What answer were we to give immigration as we landed in Dallas, Texas? How long were we going to be staying in America?

With only five minutes of internet left, my friend received a message from his Mom, one of the board members at our church. They decided they wanted to pay for both of our entire tuition to attend the school! Our tuition was paid for, just in the nick of time!’ // Miguel

“Being with God and not having anything else in the world is worth it.”

Anna, Emily and Miguel all had different experiences, yet they share the same result: God was faithful to fulfill his word!

All three of them, as well as all of our students, were willing to fight for what God had told them to do. In obedience, they sacrificed a lot more than just their time. They gave up being with their families, friends, and financial security, because they knew God was greater than all those things. Emily put it this way: “Being with God and not having anything else in the world is worth it.”

What do you think? Is God worth it to you?

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