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From Peru: Total Transformation

Our YWAM DTS team in Peru recently embarked on a two-week adventure into the jungle. Check out Miguel’s story.

Early in the morning we hauled our supplies onto a bus for two hours, followed by a nine-hour boat ride to Santa Isabel. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the pastor of a tiny community. He seemed heavily depressed, but still offered warm hospitality as he led us to the church where we would be sleeping. YWAMers built it about four years ago, but it was barren and stark, after being abandoned for over a year and a half.

The pastor was deeply discouraged and fearful of people’s opinions.

The community was isolated and abandoned, filled with hopelessness and oppression. As we started to visit people in their homes and invite them to church, we learned that the community had a lot of problems with the pastor and his history of drinking. We could sense that he was deeply discouraged and fearful of people’s opinions, so some of us began to reach out to him with encouragement and discipleship.

As we spent time with the pastor and his family, we began to see a change in his passion for ministry. Our last night there, he opened his heart in humility to everyone at the church, sharing his testimony and asking their forgiveness for his wavering leadership over the years.

He opened his heart in humility, asking their forgiveness.

“We would love it if these brothers and sisters could stay here,” the pastor told us as we got ready to leave Santa Isabel. And while words mean something, the greater delight we witnessed were his actions, walking in renewed spiritual authority as he chose humility and obedience.

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