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Loving the Nations: Nicaragua

“We were only two days into Bible distribution when I took the Spanish phrase sheet and knocked on the door of a Nicaraguan house. Three teenagers came to the door and I began using my rocky Spanish, explaining that we were going door to door giving people Bibles who didn’t have one. She looked at me, then turned to my translator and started having a hyper speed conversation. During the conversation, I was instructed to hand Bibles to each of them and it was explained to me that the girl we had just met had been praying for her very own Bible for years! It was amazing to think that I just handed her the answer to her prayers.” – Molly


We have been able to be a part of seeing God change the nation of Nicaragua. The last few years we have sent outreach teams to the city of Masatepe. We have worked with churches there and YWAM Nicaragua to accomplish the dream of getting a Bible into every home in the nation, because we believe it has the power to transform Nicaragua. We have visited the local city dump, built houses, and gone into nursing homes to share with people that they are loved by Jesus, and He has a purpose and a plan for their life.

“Our God is in the process of redeeming this beautiful country and people back to Himself.”

God is moving and working in the hearts of the Nicaraguans. It is the poorest country in Central America, but this in part has left the people hungry for truth and for something more. Jesus said that He didn’t come for the ones that thought they had it all together, but for the ones who knew they were in need (Mark 2:17). There is a great opportunity to meet these people where they are at with the truth, because they are open to it.

Nicaragua is a beautiful country. Best known for it’s landscape of lakes and volcanoes, world-class surf spots, and finely crafted hammocks, the country is experiencing a rise in tourism. Although troubles remain, our God is in the process of redeeming this beautiful country and people back to Himself.

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