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What We’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving is more than a season or a social media trend. Gratitude is a discipline, and cultivating it breeds humility, dependence on the Lord, freedom from self-pity, and so much more.  So we took a little time today to ask our YWAM staff and students what they’re thankful for. Here are the most commonly mentioned items, as well as a few more interesting quotes.

“Blue jeans.”
“BBQ sauce.”
“God’s faithfulness in fulfilling his promises.”


No great surprise here! As one of our most caffeine-enthusiastic staff likes to say, “Coffee is further evidence of God’s grace to us.” Not all YWAMers are hooked on coffee, but if we’re honest, those who abstain are the exception, not the rule.

“GoPro cameras.”
“Macaroni & cheese.”
“That we’re all equal at the foot of the cross.”

Web Pictures-54Family

Whether it’s our literal family – supportive parents and grandparents; siblings who are among our best friends; spouses and children that are serving in missions together – or whether it’s the family God’s put around us here at YWAM or in our home churches, family got the most mentions in our gratitude survey. It’s obvious: we need others.

“The way the sunlight makes the snow sparkle – it reminds me of redemption.”


Together is better! Here at YWAM Louisville we believe God has called us to be a family that pursues Jesus together and fights each other’s battles. Our friendships go deep, and we’re thankful.

“Being Canadian.”
“A starry night.”
“Being part of such a godly, wonderful, and gracious family here at Louisville.”

Grace & Redemption

Whether we expressed thankfulness for God’s forgiveness, for his redemption, for his grace, or for the cross, the sentiment is the same. We’re a redeemed people. May we never take that gift for granted!

“God’s creativity.”
“Good plumbing.”
“Peppermint tea.”


This is a no brainer! Where would we be without Jesus? Of all the blessings he’s given us – and they are many – the greatest gift he’s given us is himself.


What are you thankful for?

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