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Jesus First – Then Everything Else

A guest post from a YWAM Louisville staff member, Anna Bergan. She shares how we can put Jesus first this Holiday season in the midst of all the craziness. 

  • Be Thankful for what you have.

It’s super easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed with what we don’t have. We don’t have to let complaining and comparison steal the joy of what the Lord has for us over the Holidays. Maybe not everything in our life is how we pictured it, but let’s give that to God and trust Him. No matter how hard things are, ask the Lord to help you find things to be thankful for. So grab a friend or on your own speak out what you are thankful for.

  • Let the Jesus be your source of Joy & Hope.

Nothing will satisfy what our hearts need and long for like Jesus. He created and knows you best. If our joy or hope is anything or anyone else, eventually we will be let down and disappointed. Let Jesus be the reason you love and encourage the people around you. He never fails us.

  • No Regrets.

Things get crazy around this time of year – people, budgets, schedules, lists and more. But let’s not allow the hustle and bustle to keep us from missing the small things. Maybe it’s smiling at strangers, holding the door open for someone, or being generous with our words, but let’s take advantage of these opportunities. So keep your eyes open and heart obedient as you listen for the Holy Spirit to lead you. We can walk through life and this holiday season with no regrets!

Anna Bergan, YWAM missionaryJust like the rest of us, Anna Bergan is continually looking to put Jesus first in her life, and she sets a stunning example of it. Originally from Texas, Anna has that sweet Southern way about her. She likes to play the piano, hang out with friends and drink Dr. Pepper.

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