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Coffee – here, there, everywhere

Here at YWAM Louisville, we love coffee. Whether its Starbucks, free local gas station coffee, or exotic coffee we bring back with us overseas, you can always find someone with a cup around here. Check out some of the coffee that we have found all over the world.

Coffee Collage

Some of our staff showing their appreciation for this gift from God. Don’t mess with Amos’ coffee.


When you’re traveling, you need coffee to help you get there. I mean, who doesn’t love a good cup of free airplane coffee, right?


Very beautifully presented coffee we were served in East Asia.


The grounds in the bottom of this thick, black Turkish coffee are used to “tell your fortune”.


Germans call it “Kaffee”.


Finding Starbucks in other countries is like finding a little bit of home.


Nescafe. Although it’s not our favorite, coffee is still coffee.


Nicaraguan coffee beans grown on the slopes of a volcano.


We don’t know what is more interesting. The fact that we found canned “Brazilian” coffee in East Asia, or the description on the can.


A bag of iced coffee hits the spot during the hot and sunny days in Thailand.


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