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Promises, Freedom, and Hay-Colored Hair

Our DTS and SOMD teams just returned from outreach. Check out Hannah Joy’s story from her ministry in Germany.

During my DTS earlier this year, we were praying for our upcoming trip to India. As we prayed I felt like God was showing me a picture of a girl with hair the color of hay. I could tell that she was afraid, and I sensed from the Holy Spirit that she was from Poland. So I began to pray for her, but since we were going to India, not Poland, I put it on the back burner. I figured that someday I would go to Poland and meet the girl with hay-colored hair.

I came back to YWAM Louisville for the School of Ministry Development, and by the time my team went to Germany for our mission trip I’d pretty much forgotten about the picture God had given me. We were serving at an English camp for youth and I met a young girl named Lena who had light brown hair. I could have sworn I’d seen her before. When I asked Lena where she was from, she told me, “I’m from Poland. My family is here on holiday and I decided to come to this camp.” I couldn’t figure out why she looked so familiar.

I couldn’t figure out why Lena looked so familiar.

On the last night we were all sitting around the bonfire, and God reminded me of the vision he’d given me months before. That’s when I realized that Lena was the girl I’d seen! So I asked her, “Do you ever struggle with fear?”

She was a little hesitant, and answered, “Not really…a little bit…sort of…YES. Why do you ask?” I told her, “This might sound crazy,” and then told her the whole story of what had happened. Lena was shocked, of course, and touched that God would tell me to pray for her.


Lena decided to stay for an extra week of camp. Almost every day I got to share with her about walking with Jesus. She told me she wanted to be set free from fear, and I shared John 8:36 with her: “Who the Son sets free is free indeed.”

God is a God who keeps his promises. I know he will be faithful to continue to work in Lena’s life to bring her freedom, just like he was faithful to fulfill the promise he’d given me – even though it took a few months for it to happen.

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