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From Germany: “I’m Loved & I’m Wanted!”

Here’s a quick story from Carissa, who recently graduated from our School of Ministry Development.

It was our last week in Germany, and I was tired. But as I prayed, God kept assuring me that he would do deep things in a small amount of time. So I kept praying that he would accomplish a lot through our last few days.

Right away I met a girl named Leila, and as soon as we started talking we connected. We had so much in common! Leila helped me with my German and I helped her with her English. The second time we got together, I shared with Leila about my relationship with Jesus and how I’d come to know him.

That’s when Leila broke down crying. She told me how she hated herself and didn’t have the kind of love that I’d found in Jesus. As she shared her struggles, I saw how God had orchestrated this friendship, because our backgrounds were remarkably similar.

Leila struggled with depression, drunkenness, and destructive relationships – just like I had.

Like me, Leila was from an abusive family. She struggled with depression and frequently turned to drunkenness and destructive dating relationships to find happiness. But it wasn’t working.

I asked Leila if she wanted to know what God thinks of her; together, we prayed and asked him to show her. As the Lord spoke to Leila’s heart, she looked at me with excitement and said, “I’m loved and I’m wanted!”

That day Leila gave her life to the Lord. I got to spend the rest of the week explaining more to her of what the gospel means and what the Bible says about walking with Jesus.

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