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“What should I share?”

Our DTS team in Peru has been ministering in Amazon villages. They’ve been sleeping in tents, bathing in the river, digging a well, and sharing the Gospel. Here’s a story from Kristen, the team leader:

As we listened to the Lord for our day, I felt like God was showing me a woman wearing a pink shirt. I asked the Lord what I should share with her and he said he would tell me when we got to the village. So Kaylee, Kaitlyn, Caylee, and I headed towards the village. As we walked, Kaitlyn, who’s pretty shy, admitted that she was nervous about sharing the Gospel.

As we approached the homes we were going to visit, I saw a woman walking towards us. Guess what color shirt she was wearing? Yep. Pink. I was so excited! Her name is Juana, and she invited us into her little house. As we exchanged pleasantries and began getting to know each other, we found out that Juana worked by picking weeds in a watermelon field.

“Lord, what do you want me to share?”

As the rest of the girls chatted with Juana, I frantically asked the Lord, “What do you want me to share?!” All I heard him say was, “Me.” So I asked Juana if she was a Christian. I had assumed (don’t do that, it’s bad) that she was, because most people in this village are. But she shook her head “no” and then said, “But I do go to church.”DTS student ministering in Peru

I explained to Juana that I had prayed that morning for someone to share with, and the Lord had given me her. Her face lit up with a huge smile! I told her that I knew exactly why Jesus sent me to her: to tell her about himself. Then my team and I began sharing the Gospel with her.

That’s when Kaitlyn, the “shy” DTS student, began sharing passionately about who the Lord was to her, how Juana could have salvation and freedom. Kaylee and Caylee started to get excited, too, as they explained to Juana what Jesus has done in their lives. Then I asked, “Do you want to know Jesus like this?” She smiled beautifully and said, “Yes!

Praise the Lord! We have another sister in Christ and another disciple to share with others what Jesus has done for her.

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