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Resolved, to live with all my might, while I do live.
– Jonathan Edwards, 18th-century pastor & missionary

It’s time for some resolutions.

No, it’s not January 1 yet. But for many of us, right now is when the year starts over – even if you’re not a student. So while we’re months away from 2015 and confetti and Times Square, what better time to give some thought (and prayer!) to some new year’s resolutions?Colored Pencils

Before you do, don’t misunderstand: we’re not all about making long lists of lofty goals to promptly give up on. Resolutions are like school supplies: they’re helpful tools (and what’s more motivating than a handful of freshly-sharpened pencils, after all?) but nothing takes the place of relationship with Jesus.

In light of that, here are some questions to ask the Lord as you approach this new season.

What’s New for My HANDS?

How is God calling you to serve in this new season? Is there a need in your family, your church, or your community?

You can’t do everything, and if you try you’ll be overwhelmed, exhausted, and discouraged in a week. But you can do something. Ask God for one or two ways that he is calling you to step out and give of your time and talents.

LizWhat’s New for My HEAD?

With every new year, there’s something new for us to learn. Sometimes that’s a tangible skill, like maintaining a vehicle or picking up some phrases in a foreign language. There are always intangibles as well:

  • What does it really look like to forgive?
  • Will I be faithful to this assignment when it doesn’t seem important to me?
  • How should I manage my time well in this new season?

It takes maturity to approach each season as a learner. Begin asking God now what he wants to teach you, and how he wants to prepare you to be effective in the calling he’s given you.

What’s New for My HEART?

While God wants to develop your mind and use your skills, more than anything he is after your heart.

More than anything, God is after your heart.

Take time to dream with God. What does intimacy with him look like in this next season? How do you want to grow in knowing who he is? Is there some area of your heart that you know he wants to heal? Who are the people in your life who will point you to Jesus?

Jonathan Edwards (quoted above) had a long list of resolutions that he read at the beginning of every week to remind him of who he was called to be. That’s pretty hardcore, if we’re honest. But what better time than the start of a new season to take some personal inventory? Join us in asking God to help us “live with all our might.”

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