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“Do you want to accept Jesus?”

An update from Ryan, one of our staff who is ministering in Nicaragua.

It was another day just like the rest, where our team was gearing up to go out and give Bibles to people and share the Gospel and love of Jesus. The sun was shining and all the missionaries with their bags full of Bibles were splitting up into small teams. My team was made up of two bright-eyed teenage girls and a translator by the name of Jesús. As we started our journey I started asking questions so that we could get to know each other a little better. I asked the girls on my team if they had ever led anyone to the Lord and they said they hadn’t. So I told one of them, “Today is your day.”

As we started to talk with the people in the first house, we found out that they were Christians. They told us, “We are glad that you guys are doing this because people need to hear the Gospel.” They owned a small shoe factory where we were invited to sit, and we started a conversation with a young girl who worked there. Courtney, one of the girls on my team, started sharing with the girl about Jesus. With a little help she was able to present the Gospel. Then she asked, “Do you want to accept Jesus Christ?” The girl said yes and then asked if we would go to her house and pray for her mom. So we did just that.

“Today is your day.”

I later found out that Courtney had sensed God telling her as we walked that that day she would lead someone to him. He was right, of course!

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