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Restoration for Francisco

Here’s an update from Gabe, one of our School of Ministry Development students who’s on outreach in Nicaragua.

One of my first days here, I felt like the Lord was telling me that I was going to meet a man in a blue sweatshirt. I was a little confused because that day the temperature was around 90 degrees. Why would anybody in their right mind wear a sweatshirt on such a hot day?

I went the whole the day seeing NO ONE in a blue sweatshirt. But as we were wrapping up our children’s program at a park, I spotted an older man with a gray shirt on. As soon as I saw him I got this feeling that I needed to go talk to him. I started off towards him and then noticed something: the man had a blue sweatshirt draped over his back!

I sat next to him with a translator close by and silently prayed, “Okay, Lord, what am I supposed to say to this stranger?” God spoke to me as clear as day: “Tell him that I love him and am still here for him.” I worked up my courage and introduced myself, explaining that the Lord had told me to talk to him. I learned that his name was Francisco. As I began to tell him what God had said, tears started rolling down Francisco’s face.

“Tell him that I love him. I’m still here for him.”

He started talking to my translator in Spanish, and she started crying, too! I sat there awkwardly as they conversed. Finally, my translator explained to me that Francisco used to be in ministry but he quit, walking away from God completely. Since then he has been in and out of his house because he’s an alcoholic. By God’s grace, we caught Francisco on a day when he actually hadn’t been drinking, so he was able to understand what we were saying.

Together we prayed, and Francisco rededicated his life to Jesus. Then I gave him his first Bible. When I ran into him a few days later he had a huge smile across his face. He told me that he had been reading his Bible with his son and had a new relationship with Jesus.

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