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South Africa: God Moves in Mercy

Our Discipleship Training School team has been ministering in Overcome, a South African township marked by violence, addiction, poverty, and broken families. Here’s Kelly’s story:

As we sat in a home with a few young women, they shared their personal stories with us. Each one of them had recently been involved with abusive men. Their stories were horrifying: eight months pregnant, showing up on a friend’s doorstep with a bleeding head and face; being publicly beaten for speaking to someone on the street. But each of them had made the hard choice to leave their boyfriend because something inside of them said that this wasn’t what they were made for – that they deserved better.

We shared the Gospel with them and  told them they were right: God has so much more for them! As we shared how God is there for them in a dangerous and violent world , one of the girls began to cry, thanking us again and again for visiting them and sharing this message of hope.

Our team has seen 33 people give their lives to Jesus, and many find physical and emotional healing. Join us in praying that God will continue to work through them in South Africa!

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