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From the Amazon: “I want to know Jesus!”

Our School of Ministry Development has been ministering in Peruvian villages along the Amazon River. Here’s Drew’s story of one life God has changed:

“We arrived in a village of about 300 people, and it was pouring rain – the hardest rainfall I’ve ever seen. So we started playing soccer in the rain with a bunch of kids. We were having a great time, but when an older man from the village joined us it got a little interesting. He was acting kind of creepy and was probably drunk.The next morning we were visiting people in their homes. The last house we went to was the drunk guy from the night before! We joined him and his friend and started hanging out and getting to know them. I shared a story of God healing me from some stomach issues I’d lived with. He was moved and asked for prayer for healing. But when we asked what health problems we could pray for, he told us he didn’t have any. Instead he simply said, “I want to know Jesus.”

Being in the jungle has been tough – the mosquitoes have been eating us alive, it’s super hot, and we bathe in the river so we feel dirty all the time. But this was the first time I got to pray with someone to accept Jesus. It was totally worth it.”

Today some of the team is heading back up the river to bring this man, and other new believers in his village, their own Bible.


Above: Soccer in the rain! Left: Drew and his village buddies
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