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“Is missions _____ ?”

a series in which we answer the questions that, odds are, you’re asking

Is Missions Important?

Tempting as it is to respond with a rowdy “Heck yes!” and leave it at that, here’s why missions is important to us – and why we believe it should be important to you:

Missions is important because it is necessary. “How can they believe in the one they have not heard of?” Paul argues in Romans 10.

And for roughly one third of the world’s population that’s the case.

They don’t know anyone who is a Christian.

They can’t wander into a church and hear a sermon because there isn’t a church building anywhere near them.

They’ve never seen a Bible.

They may never have heard the name of Jesus.

And they won’t – unless someone goes.

Missions is important because it is
urgent. Those 2 billion+ people with virtually no access to the Gospel? Over 70 thousand of them will die today without Jesus.And with only one missionary for every 278,431 people in the unreached world, it’s simply not enough.

Something must be done to stanch the flow.

Finally, missions is important to us because it’s important to God. The whole Bible is peppered with references to God’s desire for all the nations to see His glory and worship Him.

It’s what He created them for.

It’s what Jesus died to make possible.

And if it matters to God, it matters to us

“Is there anything more important
to give our lives to
than the representation and declaration
of this God’s glory to the ends of the earth?
Don’t miss it:
A high view of God
and a humble view of the Gospel
inevitably leads to
an urgent view of missions.”
– David Platt

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