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The Big Picture: Global Language Diversity

The Big Picture: a snapshot of the world with a wide-angle lens, helping us see the task remaining from every perspective.

We tell a lot of stories around here. That’s because we recognize that missions is not just about the numbers – it’s about people and stories. It’s about the greatest Person and the greatest Story.

But numbers help us see where the Story still needs to be told. (And isn’t it true that 100 people worshiping Jesus is far better than only 99?)

In this Big Picture, the larger the circle, the higher number of distinct languages in that nation; the darker the circle, the larger the population of that nation.

When you consider the call to proclaim the Gospel and provide the Word of God in someone’s “heart language”, this graphic presents a staggering need. In Indonesia, for instance, the Story needs to be told 707 different ways!

And when you imagine the ultimate fulfillment of every tribe, tongue, and nation worshiping before the throne of God, it’s a stunning vision.

God’s Story is a massive, worldwide, multi-lingual epic. What part of that Story are you telling?

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