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5 Reasons to Do a DTS (Part 5)

Today more than ever, we’re faced with countless options for investing our time and energy. What makes a Discipleship Training School stand out? We asked our students, and they told us: in DTS you’ll

Here’s the final — and most valuable — reason:

Why Do a DTS #5: Dive Into God’s Heart

“DTS is a time to dive into what God’s heart is for you, what his plans are for you, how to know him more.” – Jesse, School of Ministry Development student

“It’s an opportunity to focus on
growing a strong personal relationship with God.” – Jaron, recent graduate

“It will challenge your faith and challenge the way you listen and respond to God’s call on your life. Everything you thought you knew about yourself it turns on its head and makes you realize how much you need the Lord in your life.” – Liz, DTS student

“It will cause you to fall deeper in love with God and give you new insight on who he is.” – Cassidy, DTS student

Knowing God is the greatest adventure of all – and because he’s infinite, it’s a life-long quest. If this were the only benefit of a DTS, it would be well worth it.

God loves you. His heart is for you. DTS might just be the place to discover that in a rich new way. Talk to us; we’d love to help you sort through your questions and get started.

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