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5 Reasons to Do a DTS (Part 4)

We asked current students and alumni why someone should consider signing up for a Discipleship Training School. According to them (and they would know), it’s a great way to transform your life, discover your calling, and grow in community. And more:

Why Do a DTS #4: Live the Adventure

“You will grow and you will change while you live out an adventure you’ll never regret.” – Kaylee, recent DTS grad

“It’s a great opportunity to see how God works in other parts of the world and experience life outside your comfort zone.” – Britt, School of Ministry Development student

“God really does a deep work in your life – AND it’s a ton of fun and you get to travel the world!” – Drew, SOMD student

OK, so the YWAM life is not all about traveling to exotic places (although that’s certainly one of the perks). The adventure we’re talking about is the adventure of a life of faith. Discover more of the infinite ways of an always-powerful, always-loving God. Journey outside of the familiar to expand his kingdom. Deliver his message of good news to someone who has never even heard his name.

And climbing mountains, swimming oceans, exploring cities where no one speaks your language, sampling food you didn’t know existed? Well, that’s pretty exciting, too.

Curious? Convinced? Pray about joining our upcoming DTS, beginning January 5. It will change your life.
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