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5 Reasons to Do a DTS (Part 3)

We tend to be passionate folk. You may have noticed that it doesn’t take a YWAMer long to start talking about Discipleship Training School. It’s not fanaticism; God used DTS to change our lives and we love seeing him continue to impact students who train with us.

In our 5 Reasons to Do a DTS series, we’re exploring what past and present students have to say about DTS. They’ve already told us that it will transform your life and help you discover your calling. Here’s reason #3:

Why Do a DTS #3: Grow Together In Community

“There’s something special about pursuing the Lord together.” – Kaylee, recent grad

“You get a community of people that pour into you and help you along your journey, and friends that really care about you.” – Drew, School of Ministry Development student

“You form great friendships that will change your life!” – Jaron, DTS graduate

“For me to accomplish the Great Commission, I needed to go deeper with God. I needed to fellowship with others who want the same thing as me.” – Josh, SOMD student

Whether it’s the mission field or the Ultimate Frisbee field, we’re committed to loving Jesus and loving our neighbors – together.
In DTS we learn principles of how to relate to one another and work together. They aren’t just principles, though – there’s immediate application as we live together in community, work together to reach the lost, fight together to overcome. That’s why we call ourselves “a missionary community and a family army.”
Want to join the fray? Get in touch with us. As one of our students put it, “you won’t regret it.”
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