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5 Reasons to Do a DTS (Part 2)

Most YWAMers’ conversation is peppered with acronyms – strung-together letters that stand for various expressions of mission God has called us to. No acronym figures more prominently than “DTS” – the five-month Discipleship Training School that’s a launching point for further ministry. We asked students past and present why DTS should be a strong consideration for, well, anyone. Here’s what they came up with:

Why Do a DTS #2: Discover Your Calling

Ever wondered if God has a call on your life?

“If you’re hungry to grow in your relationship with the Lord and hungry to help other people, it’s a great opportunity to do both of those things.” – Emily, second-level School of Ministry Development student

“God calls us to the Great Commission, and for me to be able to accomplish that I need to go deeper with God than I ever have before.” – Josh, SOMD student

“On my DTS outreach I learned how much God cares for people – and that God wants to use ME to show them that.” – Ben, YWAM staff

“Sometimes we have a really good plan for our lives, sometimes we don’t – DTS is a good few months to get away and discover, ‘This is who God is and this is what he expects of me.’ ” – Rob, YWAM staff

While the DTS teachings are impactful, we like to move beyond the theoretical; DTS outreach teams take those biblical principles and get practical, meeting real needs of real people from South African townships to Ukrainian orphanages, from Indian slums to the projects of Louisville, KY.

And it’s as we serve that we discover what God has designed us to do, what injustices make us want to stand up and fight, how we can be a part of fulfilling God’s dream.

But don’t take our word for it – come experience DTS for yourself!

Read four more reasons to do a DTS.

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