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5 Reasons to Do a DTS (Part 1)

If you’ve ever hung out with a YWAMer (and if reading this post counts, then you’re hanging out with one right now) you’ve probably heard about a Discipleship Training School. Ever wondered if it’s for you? We asked both current and former DTS students, and they’ve given us five reasons why you should seriously consider it.

Why Do a DTS #1: Transform Your Life


“There’s a Million Reasons to Do a DTS” – Drew

“There’s like a million reasons to do a DTS! It’s giving God time and space to do incredible things in your life and make your life more about who he is.” – Drew, School of Ministry Development* student

“It will turn your life upside down in all the best ways. It’s dangerous territory, but it’s the best!” – Summer, DTS student

“In DTS, God takes you out of the place where you’ve always been and takes you to a new level with him.” – Lara, SOMD student

“It will change your life.” – Cassidy, DTS student

It’s the teaching, it’s the times of worship and prayer, it’s the personal discipleship, it’s living in our missionary community, it’s taking the Gospel to the nations – most of all, it’s the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of those who say, “Come have your way!” Just about anyone who has done a DTS looks back on it as radically shaping the rest of their life.

Five months. Forever transformation. Interested? Talk to a real live YWAMer; we’d love to get to know you and answer any questions!


Discovering God’s heart as we pray for the nations.

Find Four More Reasons To Do A DTS

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